Off the Shelf Cables Can’t Compete with Custom Cable Assemblies Webinar

There are numerous scenarios when an ordinary off the shelf cable will work just fine for the desired application. Typically, off the shelf cables are designed and manufactured in common configurations, lengths, colors, connector styles, etc., that cover a plethora of customers’ needs. For example, there are thousands of different black 3 foot USB cables that are readily available and in stock through various online and brick and mortar retailers.

But what if you knew that you needed 10,000 black 3 foot USB cables? Cheaper options may exist for an order quantity of this size. Or what if you needed a black 3 foot USB with additional shielding that can withstand EMI emissions? Or instead of a black cable, you needed a navy blue overmold that matches your company’s branding and logo?

In these scenarios there is a high probability you will save time and money and get added functionality by tooling a custom cable with a full-service cable supplier like Epec Engineered Technologies.

Off the Shelf Cables Can’t Compete with Custom Cable Assemblies

Why settle for an off the shelf solution when you can have everything you want in a custom cable assembly? Listen to this webinar as we discuss how off the shelf cables simply can’t compete with custom cable assemblies.

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Webinar Agenda:

  • Colorize the jacket or overmold with the exact color requirement
  • Customized pinout and connector configuration
  • Match the shielding design to the desired application
  • Precision control over lengths and breakout legs
  • Employ engineered materials in the overmold, jacket, or sheathing
  • Consider design provisions to mitigate leaks, water ingress, or IP ratings
  • Increased design assurance through strain relief testing, flexure testing, and pull testing
  • Manage component obsolescence through tooling up a custom connector

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