How Many Cycles Can I Expect from My Battery?

How Many Cycles Can I Expect from My Battery

Why it is so difficult to answer this simple question: "How many Cycles can I expect from my battery?"

There are many factors involved in predicting the cycle life of a battery pack. Cell manufactures usually only provide cycle life under very narrow defined conditions.

However, as you may know, rarely are those conditions encountered in real applications of batteries.

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Areas Covered in this Webinar:

  • Chemistry selected/used
  • Amount of time the battery is exposed to temperature extremes
  • Pack design and construction
  • High current path routes / cells exposed to same load
  • Inner cells and thermal management
  • Average charge state the battery is in
  • Charge voltage per cell
  • High discharge and charge rates (localized internal heating)
  • Number of series cells and parallel cells
  • Cell balancing

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