Epec is proud to have completed several acquisitions throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

The investments have enabled Epec to become a global leader, with the best people, facilities, technology, and culture of innovation.

See our blog post on how to minimize risk when the factory manufacturing your PCBs closes for more information in regards to mergers and acquisitions in the circuit board industry.

Epec's Company Acquisitions

Company Development & Acquisition Timeline

1952 – Epec Started in Waltham, MA

1999 – Acquired Capitol Circuits in Boston, MA

2001 – Acquired Syrtek in Syracuse, NY

2001 – Opened Our Operations in Shenzhen, China and Tao Yuen, Taiwan

2002 – Acquired Beaver Brook Circuits in Danbury, CT

2002 – Acquired PDI in Plymouth, MN

2004 – Acquired Gultech in Raleigh, NC

2005 – Acquired ECC in Holden, MA

2005 – Acquired Volunteer Circuits in Bells, TN

2005 – Acquired Proto Engineering in Sunnyvale, CA

2006 – Acquired Tingstol in Elk Grove Village, IL

2007 – Acquired NTU in Largo, FL

2007 – Acquired KASCORP in Chicago, IL

2009 – Acquired Marlo Electronics in Ft Lauderdale, FL

2010 – Acquired Waytec Electronics in Lynchburg, VA

2010 – Acquired FM Circuits in Brooklyn, NY

2010 – Opened Our Battery Tech Center in Littleton, CO

2011 – Started EC Fans & Drives

2011 – Opened our Fan and Motor Development Center in Wales, UK

2012 – Acquired UPE in Ottawa, Canada

2013 – Acquired Suncoast Digital Technology in Largo, FL

2017 – Putnam RF Filters, Inc. in Manchester, NH

2019 – Lavallee Machinery, Inc. in Southbridge, MA

2020 – Metal Craft Machine LLC in Southbridge, MA

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Today at Epec, the customer comes first, and everything we do must be put through that filter. Whether it is developing e-commerce platforms to make it easier to work with us, or creating a NPI (new product introduction) process that helps our customers get to market faster, or the other 10 new projects we have in process, we must focus on building the new. By doing that every day, and by always making the customer our top priority, we plan on being here for another 65 years and then some.

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