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Kanban, Blanket Orders, and Consignment Inventory Management

Epec Engineered Technologies has long been recognized as a market leader for electronic build-to-print services. Since 2001, Epec has developed world-class capabilities in the areas of sourcing, supply chain, manufacturing, and inspection. These have enabled us to provide market-leading, independent electronic supply chain, and logistics services.

Custom built-to-print electronic parts require a specific type of inventory management system that can handle the unique challenges associated with their production and distribution. In addition to general inventory management systems, specific inventory management strategies such as kanban, blanket orders, and consignment can be effective for custom built-to-print electronic parts.

With this breadth of capabilities, Epec is uniquely placed to drive down your real acquisition and operating costs, reduce lead times, and provide a leading edge on technological products. With all these programs, our goal is to reduce your lead time to effectively one day as once the product is manufactured and in stock, you can have it the next day. Being a financially strong company that has been around for more than 70 years allows us the flexibility to make this investment for our customer success.

Our Product Inventory Stocking Programs Include

Kanban Programs

Custom Order and Inventory Stocking Programs

Kanban is a popular inventory management system that is ideal for custom built-to-print electronic parts. The system is based on a just-in-time (JIT) production philosophy and involves using visual signals, such as cards or bins, to trigger inventory replenishment. When a specific number of electronic parts are used or sold, a signal is sent to the supplier to replenish the inventory.

Kanban is particularly effective for custom built-to-print electronic parts, as it allows businesses to manage inventory levels efficiently and avoid overproduction. By using a Kanban system, businesses can also reduce lead times, optimize production schedules, and minimize waste.

Blanket Orders

Blanket orders are another inventory management strategy that can work well for custom built-to-print electronic parts. A blanket order is a long-term agreement between a business and a supplier to purchase a specified quantity of electronic parts over a set period. Blanket orders provide businesses with a guaranteed supply of electronic parts, while suppliers benefit from stable demand for their products.

Blanket orders can be particularly effective for custom built-to-print electronic parts, as they allow businesses to manage inventory levels more efficiently and reduce lead times. By agreeing to purchase a specific quantity of electronic parts over a set period, businesses can ensure that they have the necessary parts available for production without overstocking.

Consignment Stock

Consignment inventory is a strategy where a supplier provides electronic parts to a business, and the business only pays for the parts when they are sold or used. Consignment inventory is an effective strategy for businesses that need to manage inventory levels but do not have the financial resources to purchase large quantities of parts up front.

Consignment inventory can be particularly effective for custom built-to-print electronic parts, as it allows businesses to manage inventory levels without taking on the financial risk associated with purchasing large quantities of parts up front. By using consignment inventory, businesses can also reduce lead times and minimize the risk of obsolescence.

Epec can manufacture products on a consignment basis. Inventory may be stocked at either your facility or at our warehouse.

U.S. Warehousing

We believe that we best serve our clients by freeing them their time to attend to their core business – while we provide a balanced solution that creates exceptional results. To deliver the warehousing and logistics outcomes that fit your business, we use various warehousing methodologies, have climate-controlled storage, adaptable productivity/analytical tools, and provide real-time information.

Our focus is to provide you with a tailored solution that increases accuracy, is flexible, and improves turn-around time, by using proven processes using cutting-edge technology.

In 2013, we finished a refurbishment of our warehouse facility located just south of Boston, Mass. Among the many physical plant improvements involved were new ESD flooring and custom ceiling renovations with new lighting. HVAC facilities were also revamped to allow improved temperature-controlled storage capabilities, and an increase in shelving now provides more efficient storage and shipping.

Bonded Warehousing

Bonded warehouses are specialized facilities that are authorized by customs authorities to store imported goods without paying customs duties or taxes until they are shipped out for sale or export. These facilities are often used in international trade to manage inventory more efficiently, reduce costs, and streamline customs procedures.

In the context of custom build-to-print electronics, bonded warehousing can be used in several ways. For example, our customers order from Epec, and we manufacture the products in our facilities in Asia and then import and store them in a bonded warehouse until they are needed for production. This allows the customer to reduce the cost of importing components by delaying the payment of customs duties and taxes until the components are actually used in production. It also avoids paying Section 301 tariffs as the product is never received in the U.S.

Bonded warehousing can help streamline customs procedures for custom build-to-print electronics. By storing components in a bonded warehouse, manufacturers can reduce the time and cost associated with customs inspections and documentation. This can help ensure that components are available for production when needed and can help minimize production delays. Currently, Epec Engineered Technologies works with bonded warehouse facilities in both Canada and Mexico to help our customers take advantage of these benefits.

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From kanban, blanket orders, and consignment inventory management, we have a program that will help you to ensure you get your products on time. Send us an email and we will contact you shortly.

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