Advanced Rigid-Flex Circuit Constructions Webinar

Rigid-flex circuit technology and construction methods allow for a wide variety of advanced design options that can further expand the extent of design integration possible.

Advanced Rigid-Flex Circuit Constructions

Common rigid-flex circuit design typically consists of 4 to 8 layer rigid sections with 2 flex layers.

Options including higher flex layer counts, blind /buried vias, ZIF connections, flex area components, attachment PSAs, asymmetrical constructions and multiple rigid area thicknesses provide many opportunities to achieve higher levels of packaging density.

In this webinar we introduce and discuss the benefits and application of advanced rigid-flex circuit board constructions.

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Webinar Agenda:

  • Overview of construction options for rigid and flex areas.
    • Odd number layer counts for both rigid & flex areas
    • Asymmetrical constructions
    • Varying flex layer count areas
    • Integrated ZIF connections
  • Description and benefits of flex layer Air Gap constructions for designs requiring more than 2 flex layers.
  • Review of Blind & Buried via constructions with sequential laminations.
  • Specific examples of advanced rigid-flex PCB constructions.

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