EMI Shielding Methods for Flex & Rigid-Flex PCB Designs Webinar

Critical flex and rigid-flex circuit applications often must pass very stringent electromagnetic (EM) or radio frequency (RF) interference requirements. This type of interference, if absorbed or emitted, can negatively impact the functionality and reliability of the end product when in use.

To prevent this from occurring, the circuit design must incorporate shielding to eliminate either the absorption or transmission of EM or RF interference.

EMI Shielding Methods for Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB Designs

For flex and rigid-flex PCB designs, there are two types of shielding solutions that can be applied, but which is best suited will depend upon other design requirements.

In this webinar we review shielding methods and how to implement them in a flex or rigid-flex PCB design to ensure interference free operation of your design.

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We have compiled all the questions submitted at the conclusion of this webinar into a readable format available on our blog.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Types of shielding methods available
  • What additional design requirements impact the choice of shielding method
  • How shielding impacts flexibility and minimum bend capabilities
  • How to implement shielding in the Gerber data set
  • Gerber layout considerations for shielded flexible PCB designs
  • How to shield a 1-layer flexible circuit board

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