PCB Design & Layout - Checklist of What You Need Before You Start Webinar

Not many customers know that we offer full PCB design and layout services here at Epec. Design and layout may not be a full-time employable position, so there are advantages of having your PCB fabricator complete the PCB design for you, not to mention the time needed to accomplish this task. So, rely on Epec to be an extension of your electrical engineering team.

PCB designs can be difficult to manufacture. Working in tandem with your circuit board supplier is beneficial to both you and your supplier. It can save cost, reduce manufacturing challenges and prototyping.

PCB Design and Layout - Checklist of What You Need Before You Start

Knowing what is needed for quoting purpose and at the time of your order is key to a smooth process.

In this webinar we review what is needed in terms of the Bill of Materials and schematic details to accurately quote and deliver the exact PCB design and layout that you require.

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We have compiled all the questions submitted at the conclusion of this webinar into a readable format available on our blog.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Benefits of having your PCB fabricator complete the PCB design
  • Overview of schematic file formats
  • What PCB specifics are needed
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Scheduling and Certification
  • Schematic Details

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