Global Battery Pack Manufacturing in America and Asia

Epec Engineered Technologies has invested heavily to develop our world-class Boston, Mass., U.S.-based manufacturing location with a full suite of in-house design, engineering, tooling,and testing capabilities. Along with that,Epec has more than 20 yearsof experience along with the resources and capacity to manage complex programs from design through production through our global footprint.

Global Battery Pack Manufacturing

Domestic Manufacturing

New Bedford, Massachusetts (40 miles south of Boston) is where we have our state-of-the-art 55,000 square foot design and manufacturing facility. We custom-built this facility and moved into the location in 2018 because we had outgrown the facility that we were in for the previous 50 years.

This facility houses all of our design engineering team, our prototype lab, along with our ISO-9001:2018 certified manufacturing facility. Because of the work that we do, this facility is routinely audited by UL, the FDA (for our process in managing medical device batteries), and the US DOT to ensure that we are in compliance with all the transportation and shipping regulations.

Asia Manufacturing

Whether you have an existing battery pack design that needs to be tweaked, a new project that needs full development Design for Manufacturing (DFM), or a low-cost, higher-volume production, we have the experience and the know-how to make it seamless. Our U.S. engineers and product managers work with the customers to develop all of the necessary documentation for our factories in lower-cost regions to then manufacture. We have manufacturing locations in China, India, Malaysia, and Taiwan along with our facility in the U.S. to ensure that we have the right global manufacturing location for every customer.

In many instances, we design and use name-brand cells from companies like Panasonic, Samsung, LG, FDK, and Molicel in our designs, and the final production can be manufactured in Asia. We also have access to many other cell manufacturers so that we can provide you many options when it comes to performance, cost, quality and reliability.

Our two manufacturing facilities in the Shenzhen region give us significant capacity in this low-cost region to manufacture alkaline, lithium and NiMH battery packs. Not only do we develop all of the manufacturing and test processes with these factories, but we also have our own employees on site every day to ensure that all of the work instructions are being followed to the letter.

Supply Chain and Regulatory Management

Epec Engineered Technologies also has a significant relationship will all of the regulatory agencies as well as the test labs both in the U.S. and in Asia to ensure that all of your designs stay within the regulatory requirements. This includes everything from the yearly recertification requirements to managing paperwork updates on component changes to ensuring that we exceed all of the air shipping requirements for lithium batteries. We take this responsibility very seriously as even one small mistake can mean that our authorization to ship lithium batteries can be suspended.

For example, did you know that to ship a NiMH battery from Asia that you must submit a full package sample 2 weeks before you intend to ship with a fee to get approval before these can ship? Many customers don’t know that, but we do, and we manage that for our customers along with the yearly renewals. There are dozens of other issues like that where Epec manages the logistics for our customers as part of our service.

Production Planning

When our customers need to have product quickly, we have the capability to move faster than anyone in the industry through all of the cycles needed to get a battery pack from concept to production. But after that stage is done, we then provide our customers with inventory management resources so that we can store custom battery packs in our climate-controlled warehouse where we can then ship to the customers in as little as 24 hours. So, our customers can enjoy the economics of the low-cost manufacturing regions while also having inventory available when they need it.

It is our goal to make the process of managing your custom battery packs as painless as possible. We understand that many customers have had bad experiences with battery pack suppliers and that many suppliers make battery packs in the cheapest area possible and do not tell the customers until they can’t deliver. That is not us as we have more than 20 years of battery pack history in Asia and with a significant investment in the area and more than 30 employees in the area, we can back up what we say with industry-leading performance.

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