Custom Battery Packs for Tracking Devices

Tracking devices can be used in hundreds of different applications and are usually powered by high energy density lithium batteries. These devices can be used for everything from overseeing product shipments, tracking the exact location of a wander prone patient, protecting valuable assets, worker safety, and many others.

Because these applications are all critical in nature, custom battery packs that meet the intense requirements of each specific device must be developed. Not only must these custom battery packs be designed. and manufactured to provide reliable and long-lasting performance, they must also take into consideration other aspects of these devices such as being tamper proof, not interfering with devices communication components, and being able to perform in many different types environmental conditions.

Epec Engineered Technologies has experience in working with many different customers to create custom battery packs for re-usable tracking devices, such as:

  • Temperature monitoring during transport (food and pharmaceuticals)
  • Cash and stolen property tracking
  • GPS systems
  • Mobile alcohol monitoring devices
  • Lone worker safety
  • Over the road truck and container tracking
  • Wander management
  • Tracking of equipment location in hospitals
  • House arrest ankle monitors
  • Wildlife tracking and animal monitoring tags
  • Retail loss prevention
  • Electronic maintenance monitoring
  • Location monitoring for pretrial defendants and individuals involved in the immigration process
  • And more…

Battery Pack Requirements for Tracking Devices

Most companies don't develop different tracking devices for all of the different environmental issues that they may encounter. They want to develop one product that is robust enough to be used in any location so they can encounter extreme temperatures, strong winds, tampering, dirt, dust, physical abuse, EMI/EMC interference, and numerous other hazards.

The other key component in these applications is that the custom battery pack is being developed so that the tracking device is reusable, which is the thing that makes the technology affordable to the end customer. This requires that the custom battery packs be designed to withstand years or use and, in many times, abuse.

The tracking industry has gone away from passive tracking devices and have moved almost exclusively to active trackers, also called real-time trackers. These trackers transmit data via satellite or a cellular network, which instantly indicates where the tracker is located, along with other data that the device is programmed to monitor. So, for businesses interested in improving their efficiency, they can monitor their assets or people a computer screen can display this movement in real-time. Here at Epec Engineered Technologies, we have experience in designing both.

Custom Backup Batteries for Powered Devices

Custom backup batteries for powered devices like vehicles so that they can still communicate and collect data when their power source is powered off.

These devices kick on when the primary input source fails and can no longer power the load and provides power to the system output load via an internal diode and relatively unlimited current if an external diode transistor is used. These custom battery packs provide a seamless switchover between input power and backup power during a power fail event.

Custom Battery Packs as Primary Power Supply

Custom battery packs that will be the primary power supply for the active tracking device. Constant vibration, harsh environments, and the requirement to operate unattended for years are the norm for tracking devices. These factors become our focus when developing custom battery packs for tracking devices that must support positioning, microprocessor, and communications components, and often temperature and alarm sensors. Our experience here not only includes cell selections, battery management systems (BMS) development, design, and manufacturing, but it also includes integrating charging, enclosure design for reliability, and being able to produce a product that will pass all of the required certifications for each device.

As the demand for untethered tracking devices dramatically increases every year, we continue to work with our customers to find the best new technologies in order to provide solutions that fit their needs in terms of cost, footprint, and longevity.

With new technologies like "geofencing" being developed every year, and with the introduction of new ICs that can do everything faster, it is critical that we stay ahead of the curve to help our customers.

Epec Engineered Technologies has experience in both cellular and two-way satellite tracking systems, which require complex battery systems to operate. Even tracking systems equipped with low-power operational states must consume excessive power to manage two-way communications as well as transmit with sufficient energy to operate within the communications infrastructure.

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