Wave Soldering Defects

Lifted Pads on a Printed Circuit Board

Lifted pads are rarely seen on plated through hole boards but can occur on single-sided boards during assembly. The example in Figure 1 occurred directly after wave soldering when the assembly was being handled. The adhesion of the copper foil decreases as the surface heats up so directly after soldering the copper adhesion can be low. Any handling or force applied to the components can cause lifting of the pads. Care needs to be taken when lifting boards from the conveyor or out of pallets as often large components are often used by operators as handles.

Figure 1: This lifted pad occurred during handling, right after wave soldering
Figure 1: This lifted pad occurred during handling, right after wave soldering.

For more information see our blog post titled "What Causes Pad Lifting On Printed Circuit Boards?".

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