PCB Delivery Lead Times

Below you will find our standard delivery options for Rigid PCB orders, along with prototype and production size delivery options.

Standard lead time - 20 working days

The lead time for standard production of most types of rigid printed circuit boards is 20 working days, Monday through Friday, as defined by the calendar work week, excluding holidays. Offshore holidays would be defined at the time of quote when possible for all non-domestic production.

Quick Turn Printed Circuit Boards

Quick turn orders are considered as less than 20 working days with additional cost added for quick turn orders. These will be shipped on the final quoted day. For example, a 5-day will ship from us on the 5th workday where a 10-day would ship form us on day 10. Weekends and holidays are not included in lead time.

Technology 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day
1-4 Layers X X X X X X
6-10 Layers   X X X X X
> 10 Layers     X X X X

* Prototype and Production Quantities are available, lead time subject to change depending on material availability, quantities and technology of the quoted part requested.

See our blog post to learn more on how pcb quick turn days are counted.

Quick Turn & Prototype PCBs

At the time of quote, our customer success team performs a complete review of all information provided to quote the part from. These details are the defined cost adders, which they are trained to retrieve from our customers for accurate pricing.

The below simple attribute list is necessary for pricing, and drive cost of all types of PCBs also dictates if a quick turn will be possible in the desired lead time requested.

  • Layer count - defined as all circuitry, ground, or power layers, excluding mask and/or legend.
  • Thickness - copper weights, inner layers, and outer layers.
  • Total PCB thickness over all thickness as defined, including a tolerance.
  • PCB, flex, or rigid-flex dimensions, X, Y total longest length.
  • Surface finish or finishes - ENIG, immersion silver or tin, HASL or lead-free HASL, OSP, ENEPIG.
  • Special characteristics, impedance, dielectrics, via-in-pad, extreme copper, mixed copper, extra thick, extra thin, special gold thickness, milling, extreme routing, blind/buried vias, just to list a few, may add time for processing to the quick turn desired.
    • The number of lamination cycles related to blind/buried vias is a good example of non-standard process and additional time is needed to process this type of product.

Considering Quick Turn Leads Without Special Features

  • 2- or 3-day delivery for up to 8 layers; domestically manufactured, these can ship quickly from Epec to you.
  • 5-day delivery for 8- to 18-layer multi-layers, both offshore and domestically manufactured.
    • We ship on the final day; transit time to customers excluded in the lead time as quoted.
  • Small and medium production quantities.
  • In-house flying probe 100% electrical test for all parts no exceptions.
  • FR4, high temp, CEM-1, Rogers as materials availability.
  • No additional tooling costs when moving from prototype to production; you pay one tooling for the life.
    • New & New Revision parts process through engineering, some technical interaction may be needed on the first run of every order a delay may be noted at this time.

Production Volume PCB Orders

At Epec, we can support all your needs from prototype to production to stocking programs. We have developed our supply chain to be able to manufacture every type or PCB being designed today. We are always striving to increase out capabilities with quality on time product.

  • USA, China, Taiwan, Israel, India, and Thailand production facilities.
  • Kan-Ban and blanketed stocking programs for split deliveries available. Ask you customer success manager today for details on these programs.
  • All engineering and QC checks AND follow-up performed by US based personnel at our North American facilities
  • Single-Sided up to 34 LayersFR-4, CEM-1, Rogers, Taconic, Polyimide

Printed Circuit Board Delivery Options

Learn more about our warehouse and inventory stocking programs.

Domestic PCB Capabilities

Learn More About Our Domestic PCB Capabilities

Ready To Accelerate Your Rigid PCB Project?

Choose from our quick turn options for delivery in as little as 1-day or go with our standard 20-day lead time. Seamlessly transition from prototype to production with no extra tooling costs.

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