Printed Circuit Board Engineering Services

A Manufacturing Mentality

For more than 65 years, Epec has continued its tradition of perfection in engineering and manufacturing printed circuit boards for the customers in various industries. Our years of manufacturing experience provide us with a competitive edge when it comes to PCB layout and design. From a simple, single-sided board to a complex multi-layer, double-sided surface mount design, our goal is to provide you with a design that meets your requirements and is the most cost-effective to manufacture.

Reverse Engineering and Scanning

With the consolidation of the printed circuit board industry over the last few years, many of our customers find themselves needing to order boards, but they have no electronic data. Their previous supplier may have gone out of business, and the only copies of the artwork or electronic data have been discarded.

At Epec, we can create electronic data from virtually anything, including, films, drawings (DXF), 1-to-1 paper plots, and even boards themselves. When supplying a printed circuit board for reverse engineering, we can scan 1- and - layer PCBs only. Multilayers are excluded for scanning the printed circuit board; there is no way to scan the internal layers. Providing us with any one of these will allow our team to provide you with a complete data set, including drill chart, dimensional drawing, and Gerber files.

*The PCB supplied must not contain components for scanning. Please remove all assembled parts.

We have more than 30 years of experience in creating electronic data from all types of media using our state-of-the-art scanning equipment and software. We have developed a systematic process to make sure that all the board features are double checked to ensure that everything has been replicated properly. We understand how important it is to get even the smallest details right when it comes to our customers circuit boards.

Please contact us for more specific details around our design and manufacturing guidelines.

Printed Circuit Board Design

Epec offers complete design service for printed circuit boards. From conceptual to complex, we can assist with whatever your current needs are. New designs in early development, schematic capturing, PCB design and routing, library, and database translation services, Epec has it all.

We have the experienced team you need to support all your printed circuit board, flex, and rigid-flex projects.

  • Single and double-sided
  • PCBs multi-layer (up to 40-Layers)
  • High-density surface mount
    • Microvia, via in pad, laser microvias, blind/buried vias
  • High-speed, multi-digital designs
    • Controlled impedance, differential pairs
  • Analog, digital, and mixed designs
  • RF/microwave
    • Impedance control, filters, antennas, guard rings, shielding
  • Impedance controls
    • Matched line lengths
    • Differential pairs
    • Auto routing for dense multi-layer designs
  • ITAR - space and military
  • Flex and Rigid-Flex PCBs

Schematic Translation

We support a vast amount of technologies. Not all design software is compatible with each other. When it comes to customer supporting technologies, having diverse software is something we believe is necessary to aide our customers to move forward quickly.

  • To PADS Logic from:
    • OrCAD, Protel, P-CAD, DxDesigner, Altium
  • To DxDesigner from:
    • ORCAD, Protel, P-CAD, PADS Logic
  • To P-CAD/Altium from:
    • OrCAD, Protel, DxDesigner, PADS Logic

Printed Circuit Board Translators

  • To PADS Layout form:
    • Protel, P-CAD, Allegro, Altium, OrCAD
  • To Altium Designer from:
    • Protel, P-CAD, Allegro, PADS Layout, OrCAD
  • To Allegro Layout from:
    • Protel, P-CAD, PADS Layout, Altium, OrCAD

We will supply everything you need to begin your project from quote of PCB through assembly, a solid complete package of deliverables.

Printed Circuit Board Deliverable

  • Fabrication and assembly drawings
  • Gerber layers
  • Pick and place data generation
  • In-circuit test data generation
  • Excellon drill data
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