PCB Manufacturing Process

Below are some images from the printed circuit board manufacturing process. Including, drill, plating, and final fabrication. All our circuit boards go through intensive testing and quality control during each step of the manufacturing process.

See our blog post titled Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing: Then and Now to see how the circuit board manufacturing process has evolved over the years.

  • PCB Inner Layer

    Inner Layer
    Inner layer core shown after etch\dryfilm strip processes have been completed. The core is now ready for post etch punch.

  • PCB Laser Drill

    Laser Drill
    Laser drill is necessary for today growing technology, drilling the smallest micro-vias using a beam of light 20 microns (1 Mil) in diameter. High influence beams can cut thru metal and glass creating the tiny via hole.

  • PCB Post Etch Punch

    Post Etch Punch
    Punching core material is the only acceptable method of building precision tooling which must remain accurate in a production atmosphere.

  • PCB Press Room

    Press Room
    Press lines for manufacturing quality, high layer count PCBs with consistency and in a timely manner.

  • PCB Drill

    CNC machines are complete with drill and profile routing software allowing for high performance and throughput.

  • PCB Plating

    Automated plating lines serving quick turns and production of small to high volume.

  • PCB Strip - Etch - Strip Line

    Strip - Etch - Strip Line
    Production panels proceed to etching to remove unwanted copper and into the strip line to remove protective film.

  • PCB Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

    Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
    Using the latest in optical inspection equipment on internal and external layers allows for minimal fallout on final product.

  • PCB Final Fabrication (Routing and Scoring)

    Final Fabrication (Routing & Scoring)
    Routing and scoring to precise dimensions within supplied tolerances are the final steps prior to electrical testing. Constant monitoring by engineering ensures parts will meet your specifications.

  • PCB Electrical Test

    Electrical Test
    Flying Probe testers are used to 100% electrical test all PCBs on site at manufacturing.

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