Illuminated Keypad Assemblies

With over 30 years of experience providing illuminated keypads and switch panels to the aerospace industry. Epec Engineered Technologies is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of integrally lit displays, control panels, and keypad assemblies for military & commercial air, land, and sea-based systems.

Our core product and specialty is integrally illuminated switch panels and keypads. We offer lighting options that include NVIS, LED, Incandescent, and Electroluminescent films. All of which are manufactured in accordance with military standards for illuminated panels. Epec strives to stay ahead with advancements in lighting technologies that enable us to implement advancements into new designs for our customers. We Night vision compatibility is also available across most of our components compliant per MIL-L-85762A and MIL-STD-3009 standards.

Light Plates and Illuminated Keypad Assemblies

Longer Life with Lower Power Consumption

High reliability illuminated human-machine interface (HMI) systems offer longer life, reduced maintenance, and lower power consumption. Each illuminated user interface assembly is designed for higher resistance to shock and vibration in comparison to conventional technologies.

Our Range of Products Includes:

  • Illuminated Panels
  • Annunciator Panels
  • Panel Assemblies
  • Integrated Switch Panels
  • LED Surface-Mount Panels
  • Compliant to SAE AS7788 and MIL-P-7788
  • Night Vision Compliant per MIL-L-85762A and MIL-STD-3009

Cost Effective Illuminated User Interface

Offering advanced electronics, along with mechanical design services and precision manufacturing capabilities, our design and production resources provide project support from prototyping to full production.

We understand the need to provide cost effective illuminated user interface solutions and we do so using high quality components to ensure that the end product reliability and quality is uncompromised.


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