Avionics Keyboard Assemblies

At Epec, we have over 50 years of experience in the Aerospace and Military sectors. We are a premier supplier of military and defense front control panels, user interface panels, keyboard and display assemblies.

As an ITAR registered and AS9100 certified manufacturer we can provide a cost savings, technical resource and delivery advantage for our customers. All of our US trained technicians and quality assurance inspectors located at our New Bedford, MA facility are certified to J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610.

Our extensive background and leading edge technologies allow us to take your project from an idea to production. Our engineers work closely with you to fully understand their requirements and offer custom product solutions that satisfy the application’s requirements including aesthetics, environment, product life, size, interface and cost.

Military Avionics Data Keyboard

We have been awarded the US Navy’s coveted Flight Hardware Certification for the development and production of electronic avionics keyboards for the T-45C Goshawk Trainer Aircraft. This avionics keyboard uses patented solid state switch technology that can predict degradation and failure before the failure occurs, making this keyboard the first intelligent and failure predictive keyboard used in a military application.

Custom Avionics Keyboard Assemblies

T-45C Goshawk Trainer Aircraft Keyboard Construction

T-45C Goshawk Trainer Aircraft Keyboard
  • Patented solid state switch technology, without moving or exposed contact points for exceptional Minimum-Time-Between-Failure (MTBF).
  • Custom built printed circuit board containing solid state switch sensing, driving electronics and keytop illumination.
  • Microprocessor based electronics offers a two-way interface, output formatting commands, and non-volatile memory to store operational data for later retrieval and analysis.
  • Machined and painted aluminum bezel.
  • Molded silicon rubber boot to actuate solid state switches and provides a water proof, dust proof seal with back lighted legends.
  • Bolt on, plug-in user interface control panel.

High Reliability Aerospace and Military Keyboards

If you are looking for a high reliability user interface solution for an Aerospace and Military product, then put your trust in a company that has over 70 years of innovations. From having circuit boards on the historic Apollo 11 spaceflight to building custom battery packs that help save lives, we work with our clients to design and deliver the right solutions for their product requirements.

Our Avionic HMI Solutions Focus On

  • Compliant to SAE AS7788 and MIL-P-7788
  • Night Vision Compliant per MIL-L-85762A and MIL-STD-3009
  • LED, Electroluminescent or Incandescent Backlighting
  • High Reliability Switch Construction
  • Full Photometric Capabilities
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Over the past 70 years, the electronics manufacturing industry has changed dramatically as the industry continues to adapt to evolving demands and technology. Epec is at the forefront of innovation, with the expertise and agility to move at the speed of today’s businesses. At Epec, the customer comes first, and everything we do must be put through that filter. Whether it is developing e-commerce platforms to make it easier to work with us or creating a new product introduction (NPI) process that helps our customers get to market faster, we must focus on building the new. By doing that every day, and by always making the customer our top priority, we plan on being here for another 70 years and then some.

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