HMI Electrical Design Services

When it comes to the electrical design phase of your user interface, our electrical engineers are available to assist you in all aspects of your electro-mechanical Human-Machine Interface (HMI) design needs. We have helped various Tier 1 and 2 OEM’s develop cost effective solutions across a variety of markets including system critical medical, military, and aerospace devices.

Rapid HMI Prototype and Development

Excel in rapid prototype and development environments with the help of our engineers. Unique designer experience spans across a broad range of basic analog/digital design to system level embedded logic devices used across all level of industries including military, aerospace, medical, and industrial to name a few.

The earlier you get our engineers involved in the design process the sooner we can put hardware in the hands of you and the end user/operator.

Our Rapid HMI Prototype Services Can Help:

  • Provide the End User/Operator a High Quality Product
  • Reduce Costly Design Mistakes
  • Reduce Overall Development Time
  • Reduce Number of Design Changes
  • Provide Quick Turn Product for Qualification Testing
  • Increase Product Overall Reliability

Standard HMI Design Process

We use a standard design process with all our custom built user interface solutions. These processes use top level system specifications or requirements down to the sub-assembly level, which allows easier modeling, bread-boarding, and optimization. These standardize processes allow streamlined communication channels during all stages of development.

We will also assist you in meeting all of your safety, FCC, ROHS, FDA, UL, CE, TUV, EMI/EMC and many other environmental requirements.

Standard off the shelf components are used along with customized product solutions to best optimize cost and minimize time to market.

Electrical Design Capabilities Include:

  • Electronics Systems
  • Electrical Prototyping
  • Analog & Digital Circuit Schematics
  • Gerber Artwork and Board Layout Design
  • Microprocessor, FPGA, CPLD and Discrete Component Controller Design
  • Embedded Systems Firmware
  • Microcontroller Programming
  • EMI/EMC Shielding and Filtering Design
  • Automated Testing
  • ROHS Compliant Designs

Need Design Help?

Get ahead with your HMI project by involving our electrical engineers early in your design phase. Benefit from rapid prototyping, minimized design changes, and compliance with industry standards.

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