Aerospace Specifications For User Interfaces

User interfaces manufactured for aerospace applications require the utmost certainty and precision. Not only are the product design and manufacturing process of the interface important, but the life-cycle management and paperwork needed for the aerospace industry.

Many of our proprietary technologies that are used in aerospace applications are designed to solve unique challenges. From human-machine interfaces custom built with solid state controls that can predict failure, to our high reliability touch screen integrations. Here at Epec we have the experience necessary to design and manufacture world class products for various applications used in the aerospace industry.

Aerospace Specifications

In order to stay ahead of all of the necessary requirements our team at Epec is experienced with the numerous publications, standards, agreements and handbooks necessary to manufacture to the below standards.

User Interface Assembly for Aerospace Application

We have experience in the design and implementation of the following Standards.

  • MIL-HDBK-759 - Department of Defense Handbook for Human Engineering Design
  • MIL-STD-203G - Aircrew Stations Controls and Displays: Location, Arrangement and Actuation of, for Fixed Wing Aircraft
  • MIL-STD-250 - Aircrew Station Controls and Displays for Rotary Wing Aircraft
  • MIL-STD-850 - Aircrew Station Vision Requirements for Military Aircraft
  • NS 3216 (5) - Layout of Flight Data in Pilots' Displays
  • NS 3219 (4) - Location and Grouping of Electrical Switches in Aircraft
  • NS 3329 (6) - Numerals and Letters in Aircrew Stations
  • NS 3648 (2) - Electronically and/or Optically Generated Aircraft Displays for Fixed Wing
  • NS 3705 - Human Engineering Design Criteria for Controls and Displays in Aircrew Stations
  • ASCC 10/12H - Operation of All Controls and Switches at Aircrew Stations
  • ASCC 10/15P - Location and Actuation of Airframe Controls in Fixed Wing Aircraft
  • ASCC 10/20J - Location, Actuation and Shape of Airframe Controls for Rotary Wing Aircraft
  • ASCC 10/72 - Electronic Color Display Systems
  • FAA Advisory Circular 25-11 Electronic Display Systems
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