Harsh Environment Interfaces

In today’s market there is an increase in demand requiring human-machine interface to be designed to withstand harsh environments.

We have experience in custom designing and manufacturing high reliability user interface products and control panels that can operate in the harshest environment. Examples include under water, extreme temperature ranges, dust/sand, shock, and even constant G force. One of our designs included the cockpit controls in a fighter jet where extreme temperatures swings and G forces are common.

See our blog post to learn more about improving membrane switches to withstand harsh environments.

Under Water Applications - Exposed to Solvents - Medical Device Wipe Downs

Let us help you reduce manufacturing risks; we have worked on a wide variety of applications including marine environments and consumer electronics where the user interface is exposed to water or liquid solvents. In these situations, it is critical that the electronic components are completely sealed from any outside containments that could damage the built in electronics.

When developing a product that needs to be exposed to constant water such as a control panel on a boat or an underwater application, it is important to select the correct supplier that can manufacture to these strict requirements.

  • HMI for Underwater Application - Outside View
  • HMI for Underwater Application - Inside View

Applications Include:

  • Marine/Boat Controls
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Pool and Spa Controls
  • Outdoor Remote Controls
  • Waste Water
  • Chemical Pumping Products

Shock, Vibration and G-Force

Human-machine interfaces can be built to withstand the exposure of extreme shock, vibration and G-force. Construction and heavy moving equipment controls, marine controls, and aerospace controls are great examples where constant shock and vibrations are considered normal everyday use.

If required, we have AS9100 and ISO 9000 certified plants that globally support various Tier 1, 2, and 3 providers with a wide variety of critical application solutions.

A few examples of current programs we support include production support for communication, helicopter parts, countermeasures, cockpit lighting, ruggedized vehicles, avionics systems, and power supplies.

  • HMI Built for Aerospace Application
  • HMI Exposed to Vibration and G-force

Applications Include:

  • Heavy Equipment Manufacturers
  • Aerospace, Military and Defense Products
  • Automotive Manufacturers

Extreme Temperature Ranges

Harsh environment user interfaces can be designed to be reliable and durable when used in a wide range of temperatures. A few examples of potential interfaces being exposed to a wide range of temperatures are inside freezer controllers, kitchen appliances, and crane controller interfaces.

Applications Include:

  • Heating and Cooling Equipment
  • HVAC Controls
  • Refrigeration Panels
  • Steel/Precious Metal Manufacturing

Meet Demanding Conditions Head-On

Collaborate with Epec for high-reliability HMI solutions built for harsh environments. From underwater to aerospace, we've got you covered.

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