Flex and Rigid-Flex PCBs for Medical Applications

Every day, the medical industry saves lives due to the dedication of its working professionals and the medical devices that are available. Companies that design and manufacture medical devices, military, and aerospace applications.

As devices become more powerful while coming in smaller and portable sizes, customers are searching for circuitry that offers higher capabilities while abiding by medical regulations and standards. Rigid-flex and flexible printed circuit boards from Epec are providing the answers in dependability, reliability, and safety.

Flexible Circuits Becoming the Ideal Choice

Medical applications are continuously looking for greater functionality. In these instances, a multilayer circuit board can handle all the control functions that would be necessary. Yet, these applications also require more flexibility and portability. Devices are becoming smaller while increasing in complexity. From blood glucose monitors to heart monitors and intravenous therapy infusion pumps, the varying packaging specifications can limit the amount of space that is within the device for the required circuitry. In addition, many of the medical applications need to be portable to move from patient rooms and surgical sites without dealing with all the wires and connections that can hamper movement.

Rigid-Flex PCB for Medical Application

Flexible circuits provide solutions to manufacturers that develop medical-related devices. Our company offers high dielectric constant materials to provide consistent controls without any unintended electrical variances. Flexible circuits eliminate the need for surface mounted electrical components (SMT). Instead, the traces are etched into the flexible and rigid-flex materials. So, there are no connections or solder used that can increase the size of the circuit board or its weight, while ensuring that the devices will function based on the specifications. In addition, with the absence of cables and connectors needed for standard printed circuit boards, more components can be placed into the medical device as the customer doesn't have to worry about moving parts failing or malfunctioning due to snagging or rubbing against the cables.

Flexible Circuit Design & Manufacturing Investments

The design and manufacturing capabilities of our company are designed to meet the stringent medical standards established for medical devices and components. Certain medical devices that will be used directly on or inside patients will have to be created using only acceptable materials that won't impact the quality of care or the health of the patient. In addition, we also take into account the composition of the materials that are used that will need to handle extreme stresses, hot and cold temperatures, and sterile environments.

Our engineers and production workers use the latest state-of-the-art capabilities to address medical device demands. We provide higher impedance controls in our designs, appropriate trace widths for the application, and higher current carrying aspects to ensure the flexible and rigid-flex PCBs meet performance requirements. We also create the designs that will meet the high frequencies that the medical application demands while producing the flex and rigid-flex PCBs that will fit into the smaller and lightweight devices.

Our manufacturing capabilities are designed to address medical application standards for clean and safe manufacturing environments. From providing a clean room to creating the printed circuit boards to using laser drilling and routing, plasma etching, and laser direct imaging to create vias and control drill depth blinds, our equipment is designed to offer greater lamination adhesion to prevent peeling and separation for the board that will be bent and twisted into the application.

Medical Applications Using Flexible PCBs

The types of medical applications that can benefit from the use of flexible PCBs will be based on industry standards and regulations. Some applications may include:

  • Imaging equipment
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Pacemakers
  • Cochlear implants
  • Wireless controllers
  • Handheld monitors
  • Defibrillators

Medical Device Testing and Certifications

Manufactured medical devices often require complete documentation and labeling of flex or rigid-flex circuit boards and components to meet medical standards and regulations. Here at Epec, we ensure that all design and manufacturing processes adhere to these medical device manufacturing requirements by meeting ISO and UL certifications. Our flexible and rigid-flex PCBs will also adhere to the performance specifications and certifications established by IPC for quality management. We perform all required testing of PCBs to evaluate reliability and performance so that your medical applications can move forward to meet all time to market deadlines.

By utilizing superior manufacturing equipment, experienced technical workers with 70 years in the industry, and design engineers who will work with customers from start to finish when developing the appropriate schematics for the flexible PCBS, our company takes great strides in creating the flex and rigid-flex PCBs to meet the various application demands of the medical industry. Customers who are looking for flexible circuits and rigid-flex PCBs can turn to Epec when they are looking for the circuit boards that will meet or exceed mechanical and electronic performance requirements for the application.

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