Motor Controller Redesign for a Leading Pump Manufacturer


Epec was approached by a leading pump manufacturer to redesign a pump motor controller. The company produces pumps that serve the Chemical, Industrial, Food, Beverage, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, and Automotive industries.

They were experiencing pump failures where the motor controller was overheating and damaging the pump motor. The manufacturer did not have any technical data regarding their motor controller as they did not own the design for it. They were purchasing the motor controller as a completed assembly and integrating it into their pump motors.

Epec was challenged with analyzing the current design and reverse engineering a more robust motor controller that would reduce the failures of the motor operating in the field.

An additional challenge with this redesign was that the current controller did fit well into the motor and required a mounting shim. The new controller needed to be designed to mechanically fit their specific motor application.


Epec’s engineering team was provided samples of the pump manufacturer’s current motor controller. A detailed analysis was performed on the circuitry, PWB layout, and selection of components.

Motor Controller Redesign for a Leading Pump Manufacturer

A weakness in the design was determined in the components used that could cause overheating when the motor was running at full speed. Our team researched alternative components that would prevent the overheat condition. The PWB layout was also changed to provide more efficient heat dissipation.

The mechanical fit improvements were achieved by creating a 3D modelling of the pump and motor controller in Solid Works. This provided the opportunity to create a controller that would be a perfect fit into the customer’s pump motor. This solution eliminated the shimming that was required with the previous version.


We were able to successfully reverse engineer the customer’s motor controller. The new controller is more reliable than the previous version and is a perfect fit for the pump motor housing. The result of the redesigned controller offered the opportunity for this customer to use this same controller in another one of their pump motors.

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