PCB Peelable Solder Masks

Many times printed circuit boards require protection of selected board areas during the Surface Finish or Assembly Process to keep solder from flowing onto contacts, terminals and plated through holes (PTH).

Peelable Solder Masks, provide such protection in soldering processes like wave soldering, reflow soldering or hot-air solder leveling (HASL). Reliable, time-saving and cost-saving in their application, they have long surpassed manual masking with heat-resistant tapes.

Printed Circuit Board with Peelable Solder Mask
Printed Circuit Board with Peelable Solder Mask

Peelable Solder Masks (also known as strippable mask or blue-mask) are applied by screen-printing, act as in-process protection and are removed after processing at the assembler. Because the fabricator can apply the mask in any design, they can create one fluid piece which will allow the customer to peel the entire design off in one pull.

General features and advantages of the peelable solder mask are:

  • Time and cost saving process compared to taping
  • Protection of complex structures and shapes by efficient screen-printing
  • Protection of selected areas on the PCB during various finishing or assembly processes
  • Protection (tenting) of plated through holes (PTH)
  • Overprinting of carbon inks
  • Resistance in plating processes (e.g. electroless/electrolytic Copper or Tin plating)
  • Protection during Flex or Flex-Rigid processing
  • Easily removes and leaves no residue
  • Non-contaminating, non-staining, and non-corrosive
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Used with lead-free or tin/lead processes
  • Stable to 550°F (288°C)
  • Phthalate-free, low toxicity and environmentally safe
  • Compatible with rosin, no-clean, and water soluble flux types
  • Can cover holes up to 0.120"
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