PCB Delivery Lead Times

Below you will find our standard delivery options for Rigid PCB orders, along with prototype and production size delivery options.

Quick Turn Printed Circuit Boards

Standard Lead Time - 20 Working Day

Technology 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day
1-4 Layers X X X X X X
6-10 Layers   X X X X X
> 10 Layers     X X X X

* Prototype and Production Quantities Available.

Quick Turn & Prototype PCBs

  • 2 or 3-day delivery for up to 8 Layers
  • 5-day delivery for 8 to 18-Layer Multi-Layers
  • Small & Medium Production Quantities
  • In-House Flying probe for E-Test
  • FR-4, CEM-1, and Rogers
  • No additional tooling costs when moving from prototype to production

Production Volume PCB Orders

  • China, Taiwan, and Thailand production facilities
  • Kan-Ban and other stocking programs for split deliveries available
  • All engineering and QC checks AND follow-up performed by US based personnel at our North American facilities
  • Single-Sided up to 34 Layers
  • FR-4, CEM-1, Rogers, Taconic, Polyimide

Printed Circuit Board Delivery Options

Learn more about our warehouse and inventory stocking programs.

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Our History

As the oldest production Printed Circuit Board Company in North America, perhaps in the world, the 60-year plus story of Epec is connected to the development of the PCB and the electronics industry.

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  • Epec Founded in 1952
  • IPC Founded in 1957
  • Epec Builds PCB for Apollo 11