Cable Assembly Quote Turn-Around & Production Delivery Times

Quote response time for some cable assemblies is not always the same. There are a lot of factors that may go into quoting a cable assembly depending on the complexity of the design, along with the components and materials that are needed.

Cable Assembly Quote Turn-Around

Below you will find our standard quote turn-around times.

Technology 24 – 48 Hours 48 – 72 Hours 3 – 5 Days
Simple Cable Assemblies X    
Overmolded Cable Assemblies   X  
Complex Cable Assemblies   X  
Wire Harnesses     X

To ensure that your quote is able to be processed efficiently the following information should be supplied:

  • Drawing or Specification of the Assembly
  • Bill of materials (BOM) Detailing All Components
  • List Standards/Directives That Are Required (such as ITAR, AS9100, RoHS, etc.)

In addition, the following information would be advantageous to have to be able to provide the most competitive a quote as possible:

  • Are we allowed to substitute components with the same form/fit/function?
  • Is there any contract pricing in place for any of the components of this cable assembly?
  • Are there any long lead time components that we should be aware of?
  • Are there time deadlines for either quote submission or production lead times?
  • If problems exist with the current assembly being used, what are those problems and what are you trying to accomplish?

Cable Assembly Production Delivery Times

Here you will find our standard cable assembly and wire harness production delivery times. These delivery times are based upon the agreement of the quote and once the production drawings have been approved by the customer.

Technology 2 – 4 Weeks 3 – 6 Weeks 4 – 7 Weeks
Simple Cable Assemblies X    
Overmolded Cable Assemblies   X  
Complex Cable Assemblies   X  
Wire Harnesses     X

Production parts are manufactured in both our U.S. location in New Bedford, MA as well as in China. Kan-Ban and other stocking programs are available for split deliveries. All engineering and quality checks are performed by engineering team.

Our Engineering Team and Product Managers also conduct an initial data review and follow-up on all our custom cable assemblies to ensure your product will be manufactured to the highest quality while meeting your performance requirements.

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