HMI Mechanical Design Services

When designing any human-machine interface (HMI), the mechanical aspect of the design plays a critical role. At Epec, our engineering team works closely with customers to identify all mechanical requirements and desired features for their HMI solution at any phase of their project. Whether your HMI solution is a solid idea with all of the requirements already determined, or just a rough concept, our engineering team has the flexibility to quickly develop a solution to meet your goals.

Understanding Mechanical Requirements

When working with an application that requires mechanical design support, we must first develop a complete understanding of the application and environment it will be used in. Our team will specify the appropriate components and materials best suited for each design. In most original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications the esthetic of a product is just as important as its functionality. With this in mind, we offer a variety of material samples with different attributes that can be evaluated such as graphic overlay texture and tactile feedback. We utilize our proven design techniques to provide a complete environmental seal so your product is fully protected in harsh environments.

From the initial concept review through design and manufacturing, our team utilizes a thorough documentation and review process to ensure your HMI solution meets all of your requirements.

3D CAD Modeling

Our engineering team is equipped with the latest versions of SolidWorks 3D CAD software and Adobe Creative Suite. We have the ability to export solid models across various CAD platforms so our customers can see how their HMI solution will be integrated into their final assembly. All aspects of manufacturing and assembly tolerances are taken into account when designing your solution to ensure a perfect fit.

  • 3D CAD Modeling
  • 3D CAD Modeling

We often request that our customers provide us with the complete subassembly that their HMI solution will be integrated into. This allows us to review the entire design, including the enclosure, and provide recommendations to improve ease of assembly and ensure that ingress protection (IP) requirements are met.

With an in-house engineering team and production floor, Epec has the advantage of efficiently resolving any design or manufacturing issues as soon as they arise during the prototyping phase. With the creation of solid models and production ready drawing packages, we ensure that every detail is captured.

Mechanical Design Capabilities:

  • Computer Aided Design
    • 3D Solid Models
    • 2D Drawings
  • Design For Manufacturability and Assembly
  • Material Selection
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Detailed Production Documentation
  • Photorealistic Renderings
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Tooling & Fixture Design
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