Marine Specifications For User Interfaces

In Marine applications that require a human to machine interface there may be a need for a complete waterproof solution. Keypads or control panels can be made water resistant using the correct design techniques and the proper selection of adhesives.

If your end product needs to withstand this type of environment, you need to make sure you select the correct supplier that can manufacture to these strict requirements.

User Interface Assembly for Marine Application

At Epec, we have experience in both the design and implementation of the following Marine Standards

  • ASTMB117 - Marine salt spray – also IP 67 NEMA 6
  • IEC 60529 - Ingress Protection (waterproofing)
  • IEC 60068 - Environmental Testing
  • IEC 60945 - Maritime Navigation and Radio communication Equipment and Systems – General Requirements – Methods of Testing and Required Test Results
  • IEC 61000 - Electromagnetic compatibility
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Our History

As the oldest production Printed Circuit Board Company in North America, perhaps in the world, the 60-year plus story of Epec is connected to the development of the PCB and the electronics industry.

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  • Epec Builds PCB for Apollo 11