Waterproof Keypad User Interfaces

At Epec, we have worked on a wide variety of applications including marine environments and consumer electronics where the user interface is exposed to water or liquid solvents. In these situations, it is critical that the electronic components are completely sealed from any outside containments that could damage the built in electronics.

When developing a product that needs to be exposed to constant water, like a control panel on a boat or an underwater application, you need to make sure you select the correct supplier that can manufacture to these strict requirements. Choosing a "One Source – One Solution" company like Epec ensures that your complete user interface assembly is being built to meet these environmental requirements.

Waterproof Keypad User Interface Assembly

Waterproof Control Panel Construction

The below example illustrates the key factors involved in manufacturing a fully waterproof user interface assembly.

  • Having a molded silicon rubber boot wrapped around the edges of the electronics provides the best water-proof seal when mounted. This seal needs to be fully protective of UV, water, salt water, and even gasoline resistant if exposed to these types of containments.
  • The rear side of the printed circuit board needs to be completely protected with a potting epoxy so the keyboard is completely sealed prior to and after it has been mounted in the end application.
  • Gold plated stainless steel domes are recommended to provide the best tactile sensation for the end user and offer stable, long-term reliability for the end product.
  • The switch domes must be environmentally sealed to prevent any airborne contamination from entering the switch dome cavities.
  • A custom molded silicone rubber boot can be added to actuate the dome switches. This can contain multi-level features and textures to blend into the look of your finished product.

See our Marine Specifications page for more information.

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