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No Other HMI Technology Comes Close

With our high reliability user interface solutions, we can help to design a more reliable while lowering the costs associated with the human to machine aspect of your device or application.

All our user interface products are custom engineered to fit your end products specifications. They are a great solution for portable devices, medical equipment, military & aerospace controls, or any application that has a need for human interaction.

High Reliability User Interface Assemblies
High Reliability User Interface Assemblies

More Dependable Than Standard Membrane Switches

Our custom design and assembly processes eliminate complex OEM subassembly processes, insuring the integrity of the user interface for a bolt-on, plug-in final assembly.

  • Gold plated, environmentally sealed switch surfaces for long mechanical and electrical reliability.
  • Features unambiguous tactile feel to the end user.
  • Options available for dust-proof, water-resistant, or water-proof seals.
  • RFI/EMI/ESD shielding options can be added to the subassembly.
  • Wide variety of soldered connector options and electronic components can be mounted on the rear side of the circuit board.
  • Various backlighting options.

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Our History

As the oldest production Printed Circuit Board Company in North America, perhaps in the world, the 60-year plus story of Epec is connected to the development of the PCB and the electronics industry.

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  • Epec Founded in 1952
  • IPC Founded in 1957
  • Epec Builds PCB for Apollo 11