User Interfaces with Molded Plastic Pushbuttons

Custom built user interfaces that incorporate molded plastic pushbuttons provide a high quality user operating surface along with core keyboard technology.

Depending on your end product needs, they can be encased in either a metal or molded plastic bezel or housing. This provides full support of all the major components used in the full user interface assembly.

  • User Interfaces with Molded Plastic Pushbuttons - Front View
  • User Interfaces with Molded Plastic Pushbuttons - Back View

The above images illustrate a custom user interface subassembly using molded plastic pushbuttons for a unique 3-D operating surface with crisp tactile feel and metal support plate. There are virtually unlimited graphic overlay options available with your design. This complete user interface assembly uses rear-mounted electronics and full EMI shielding.

Additional Features & Options

  • Uses gold plated, environmentally sealed switch surfaces for long mechanical and electrical switch reliability.
  • Unambiguous tactile feel to the end user.
  • Custom design and assembly processes ensure a desired fit and finish for aesthetic appearance by eliminating complex OEM subassembly processes, insuring the integrity of subassembly for a bolt-on, plug-in final assembly.
  • RFI/EMI/ESD shielding options can be added to the subassembly if needed.
  • Wide variety of soldered connector options and electronic components can be mounted on the rear side of the circuit board.
  • Mechanical parts such as chassis handles, rotary controls can be added.
  • High power discrete switches and through hole RF connectors can mount directly to the subassembly.

User Interfaces with Molded Plastic Pushbuttons

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