Electronic Front Control Panels

User interfaces often form the major part or entire front surface of electronic applications. Another name for the user interface is electronic front control panel.

The technology of these user interfaces contain a printed circuit board based keyboard assembly, mechanical support, display, graphic overlay and other electronic control circuits, displays and additional electromechanical hardware.

  • Electronic Front Control Panels - Front View
  • Electronic Front Control Panels - Back View
  • Electronic Front Control Panels - Front View
  • Electronic Front Control Panels - Back View

The above images illustrate a typical electronic front control panel combining a user interface, mechanical support piece, electronic circuits, displays, and additional electromechanical parts.

Control Panel Features & Options

  • Long mechanical and electrical switch reliability insured using gold plated, environmentally sealed switch surfaces.
  • Design and assembly processes ensure desired fit and finish for aesthetic appearance.
  • Additional options can be included for dust-proof, water-resistant, or waterproof seals.
  • Mechanical support can be a simple flat metal rack mount panel or more complex matched metal support plate with selective paint and conductive chemical conversion surfaces on the rear side for electrical bonding to a chassis.
  • RFI/EMI/ESD shielding options are available to add to the subassembly.

Why Use Electronic Front Control Panels?

  • Electronic Front Control Panels eliminate complex OEM subassembly processes and insures the integrity of subassembly with bolt-on, plug-in final assembly.
  • Electronic Front Control Panels can easily be removed from the rest of the chassis without any damage for application service.
  • Optional electronic circuitry makes the interface simple with a wide choice of soldered connector options on the rear side of the printed circuit board.
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