What is an HMI?

HMI, or Human Machine Interface, is the user interface of a machine that provides a graphics-based visualization of the controls and system monitoring on a piece of equipment.

There are a lot of terms used in our industry for HMI products including membrane switches, keypads, rubber keypads, keyboards, and control panels for example.

Traditionally membrane switches, rubber keypads, and touchscreens are examples of the part of the human machine interface which we can be seen and touched. Today, the key to developing the most reliable and effective HMI solutions involve combining not only those elements, but additional components like displays, LED’s, meters, power supplies, wire harnesses and many other complex items.

Human Machine Interface Product

Epec incorporates and manufactures industry-specific designs for trouble-free, high reliability operation based on years of experience and our library of designs. Everything from devices with stainless steel fronts the food and beverage industry, to the highest reliability aerospace applications requiring precise ESS compliance. We have built user interface products that are required to perform particularly in harsh environments like the medical industry. For medical applications Epec can provide dust-tight and liquid protected devices in the high IP65 protection class.

Human Machine Interface Product

Epec has an engineering focus on generating value-added HMI designs for our customers utilizing an array of industry leading technologies, giving them a powerful competitive advantage within their own markets. As a recognized expert in the design and manufacture of custom precision human machine interface (HMI) solutions we have proven track record of solving customer problems and providing state of the art technical solutions in aerospace, medical, military, commercial, and industrial applications.

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Our History

As the oldest production Printed Circuit Board Company in North America, perhaps in the world, the 60-year plus story of Epec is connected to the development of the PCB and the electronics industry.

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  • Epec Founded in 1952
  • IPC Founded in 1957
  • Epec Builds PCB for Apollo 11