Flexible Heaters for the Medical Industry

When considering the medical industry, we mostly focus on the dedicated medical professionals who provide quality care to all patients. Another important aspect also involves the use of medical devices that will analyze blood and fluid, are used for surgical procedures, and can even create the right environment for sick newborns. These medical equipment and devices will come in all shapes, sizes, and functions while they will need to have or offer the right temperature for the specific application.

Flexible Heaters for the Medical Industry

Benefits of Using Flex Heaters in the Medical Industry

Flex heaters are essential components for medical devices; they provide regulated temperatures. When controlled heating is required in different shapes, sizes, and heating controls, a custom flex heater offers superior advantages over off-the-shelf heating methods. Learn more on why a custom flex heater is the ideal method to provide heating for medical applications.

Consistent Temperature Control for IV and Fluid Warming

Blood and IV infusions are performed on patients every day for a variety of medical purposes. From people undergoing emergency surgery to patients in need of replacement fluids so they don't become too dehydrated, these infusions will provide the right amount of fluids at a specified rate.

One issue when administrating fluids is that the blood or IV solution may be too cold for the body. A patient may undergo hypothermia when having a transfusion where more than 50% of their blood will be replaced. IV bags may also be heated during perioperative and intraoperative periods. The IV bag will be warmed to a temperature that will be more accepted by the person's body. For other patients, they may need blood or fluid infusions done rapidly. Having the fluid warmed to a certain degree can maintain homeostasis.

Flex heaters may be used as blood and IV fluid warmers. These heaters can be integrated into a warming cabinet where the infusion bag will be placed. Other warmers involve placing a small flex heater into a device. The device may have a tube where the fluid or blood works through as it is heated, or, there may be second tube placed inside the first. The second smaller tube will have the device with the flex heater as the flowing blood and fluids are warmed.

Stabilize Temperatures for Specimen Analysis

Medical specimens help medical professionals perform testing to determine medical diagnosis and research. The temperatures in the room can vary, which may impact the quality of the specimen. It may destroy the viability of the specimen or provide inaccurate readings and diagnosis. Controlling and regulating the temperature can be accomplished with a flex heater.

The flex heater can be placed into devices such as blood analysis machines and warming plates. These machines will help stabilize the specimen’s temperatures. In addition, flex heaters can come in small sizes, so it doesn't get in the way of the other critical components required in the analyzing device.

Creating Optimal Environments in Incubators

Incubators are often found in hospitals for newborns. For babies who are premature, sick, or have lower blood pressure than normal, an incubator creates an enclosed and sterilized environment. The environment can allow for the baby's internal organs to develop enough so that they can successfully live without the need for medical equipment.

For the incubator to have the right stable temperature, a flex heater will be used. The flex heater is integrated into the device, so the baby will not come in direct contact with the heating elements. The temperature can be constantly controlled and adjusted so the baby is always comfortable.

Obtaining Flex Heaters for the Medical Industry

These aspects are just a few of the instances where a flex heater will be placed into use for the medical industry. Flex heaters may also be used to sterilize medical devices or be placed inside surgery equipment and devices. No matter the medical application, manufacturers can obtain high-quality flex heaters in a range of materials from Epec. Contact us today for more information.

Enhance Medical Precision with Flex Heaters!

Ensure optimal temperature control in critical medical scenarios. From stabilizing life-saving IV fluids to safeguarding fragile newborns in incubators, flex heaters offer unparalleled consistency. Don't compromise; trust the reliable solution tailored for the medical industry's unique demands.

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