Flexible Heaters for Outdoor Applications

Electronics are used in a range of outdoor applications. There are ATM machines, security cameras, sightseeing lenses, and even mirrors on vehicles. While these electronics can perform optimally in steady and warm temperatures, they can begin to malfunction during variable and extreme temperature changes.

Flexible Heaters for Outdoor Applications

Advantages of Flex Heaters Used in Outdoor Applications

For equipment that has camera lenses and working parts, moisture and humidity can build up inside the device. When the temperature changes, this moisture can freeze, preventing the outdoor applications from working properly. Other issues can cause the moisture to condense and fog up lenses, preventing the equipment from performing the desired functions. For a range of outdoor applications, a flexible heater can be placed inside the application to control temperatures, humidity and moisture.

Defogging Benefits

Condensation is a major factor for electronics. It only takes a little moisture for the electronics to malfunction. If the application is fully sealed from moisture it doesn't mean that moisture is no longer an issue. Instead, it can accumulate and condense on surfaces. When the moisture condenses, it can fog up the surface, which can be harmful for lenses and mirrors.

A small flexible heater can be placed into the outdoor equipment to deal with fogging issues. When the temperature drops to a certain temperature, the flex heater can be activated so that a steady and warm temperature is created along the surface. This heat will dry off the moisture without impacting the functionality of other electronics in the equipment. In addition, a flexible heater can be bent to accommodate round and curved surfaces, which are often found on cameras and lenses.

Freeze Prevention

Temperatures can go below 0°F and even lower for outdoor conditions. Outdoor electronic devices are typically designed to handle such low temperatures. However, the outside temperatures may become so cold that the electronics freeze. In addition, components may not be able to send the signals for other applications to function properly.

Flexible heaters can provide internal temperatures to outdoor electronics so that moving parts and other applications work as specified. Operating temperatures for flexible heaters can range from 200°F to 500°F based on the type of heater material and heating elements that are used. These temperatures can prevent mechanical lockup and help electronics continue to function.

De-icing Advantages

When water is combined with cold temperatures, ice will form along outdoor applications. This ice can infiltrate working components, especially electronics with moving parts. The ice may stop the component from functioning completely. It may also partially hamper the component, causing it to work more slowly as it impacts productivity. The ice can also speed up the wear and tear on moving components.

Due to how moving components work, a regular heating device may not be adequate to get where the ice is located in equipment and devices. Also, it may hamper the functionality of the components by becoming an obstruction. Instead, a flexible heater is appropriate to de-ice the equipment. This type of heater can be bent and folded into place around components, allowing the parts to move freely. At the same time, the heater can melt the ice and keep electronics warm until outdoor temperatures rise.

Flexible Heaters Combat the Outdoor Elements

There are many benefits to using flexible heaters outdoors. In addition to defogging, de-icing, and freeze protection for equipment and applications, a flexible heater can withstand many issues that are associated with harsh, adverse environments. The materials will not corrode, oxidize, or be hampered by mildew. A flexible heater is perfect for applications as they can be applied using self-fusing adhesive or mounting clamps.

When you are looking for outdoor flexible heaters for a range of applications, turn to Epec Engineered Technologies. Contact our engineers about your specifications. We can build and manufacture a custom flexible heater suitable for your industry.

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