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Listed below are some of printed circuit board capabilities available at InstantPCBQuote. The fast, easy, 24/7 online PCB quote and ordering tool.

Rigid PCB Options Description
Layers 1-16 Layers
Data We prefer 274X Extended Gerber format.
If your files are not in 274X, please send an Aperture file.
Maximum Board Size Dimensions up to 16"x 22"
(minimum of 0.5" x 0.5")
Arrays Allowed
Material FR406, FR408, 185HR, 370HR, FR-4 130Tg, FR-4 140Tg, FR-4 170Tg, FR-4 180Tg, 4003C, 4350B, NP-140, NP-170, Polyimide, Taconic, Rogers, Nelco
Surface Finish HASL (Solder), ENIG, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Hard Gold, Entek/OSP, Unclad, PB Free HASL, Selective Gold, ENEPIG
Thickness 0.021" - 0.125"
Copper Plating Inner layer 0.5 oz - 5.0 oz
Outer layer 1 oz - 4 oz
Minimum Trace & Space 5 mils (0.005" - 0.007")
Minimum Hole Size Down to 10 mils finished hole size (0.01")
Maximum Hole Size Plate holes: 246 mils (0.246")
Non-Plated holes: 199 mils (0.199")
Soldermask Glossy, Matte, Glossy or Matte
LPI: openings in the solder-mask layers should be 6 mils (0.006") larger than the copper feature
Soldermask Colors Green, Black, Blue, Clear, Red, White
Silkscreen/Legend Top, Bottom, and Both sides allowed
Minimum 5 mil (0.005") trace width for legend
Silkscreen Colors White, Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, Multiple
Board Spec IPC 6012 Class II, IPC 6012 Class III, MIL-PRF-55110
Gold Fingers Gold Fingers are available with all Surface Finish.
SMT Pads Allowed
Tab Route Available
Scoring V-score is accepted
Blind & Buried Vias Available with custom quote
Plated Slots Available with custom quote
Counterbore Available with custom quote
Plated Edges Available with custom quote
Countersink Available with custom quote
Controlled Dielectric Available with custom quote
Controlled Impedance Available with custom quote
Electrical Testing Electrical 100% Net-List testing.
  • Optional for 1 and 2 layers
  • Mandatory for 3 layers and above
Shipping Options FedEx and UPS
  • Either Pre-Pay or your account
Payment Terms ALL major credit cards are accepted. (Purchase Orders allowed only for customers who have set up terms)

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