Benefits of Quoting Your Rigid Circuit Boards & Flex Circuits Online

InstantPCBQuote™ Provides the Customized Solution for Your High-Tech PCB Needs

At InstantPCBQuote, we build what you want, when you want it.

Our dynamic quoting program allows you the option of designing the custom printed circuit board or flexible circuit board that you need, not the one PCB manufacturers want to build. We don’t offer 3 boards for $33 with limited attributes. Instead, at InstantPCBQuote™, you get complete control to customize your printed circuit board or flexible circuit to best fit your design.

The most common misconception of ordering printed circuit boards online is that it will cost you a lot of money. The truth is the complete opposite. Ordering and quoting your rigid PCBs through InstantPCBQuote reduces steps and lowers labor costs, which allows us to pass our savings onto customers.

Advantages Using Epec's Online PCB Quoting & Ordering Tool

Individual User Name & Accounts:

Allows each user to access their individual Quote and Order history.

InstantPCBQuote - Quote and Order History Screen Shot

Dynamic Cost-Effective Pricing as you Quote:

Ability to change your circuit board part attributes as you quote allows you to control the cost of the final product, including multiple quantity and delivery options to best suite your needs.

InstantPCBQuote - Quote Pricing Matrix Screen Shot

Easy Online PCB Order Placement:

Convert your rigid PCB or flexible circuit board quotes to orders anytime online.

Online Credit Card Payments:

No Purchase Order or credit checks are required. ALL major credit cards are accepted.

InstantPCBQuote - Order Submit Screen Shot

Online Credit Terms:

Purchase orders are enabled with the ability for your user account to be set up with online credit terms.

Sales & Customer Service:

All your transactions are managed by the Epec sales team that you know and trust and whose business is to know your business.

24/7 Technical Support:

We run all new parts through a full CAM review prior to manufacturing to ensure that your rigid circuit board or flexible circuit design is built to your specifications.

On-Time & Quality Guarantees:

For every order online, the product is always manufactured to Epec's Quality and Delivery Standards.

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