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Single Sided PCB, Double Sided PCB, & Multi-Layer PCB Design

Epec's InstantPCBQuote™ gives you fast, easy quotes for online PCB prototypes and multilayer PCBs up to 16 layers, giving you the freedom and flexibility you need to create the custom circuit board you want with just a few clicks.

You can quote multi-layer PCBs, from 1-16 layers instantly with a variety of materials, copper weights, silkscreen and soldermask options, which can be quoted using your very own InstantPCBQuote™ account to keep track of your quote and order history.

We offer instant quoting for on all our RoHS compliant surface finishes used in our single and multi-layer PCBs. Listed below are some of the printed circuit board capabilities available at InstantPCBQuote™.

Check out this blog post to understand why we can quote 6-8 layer circuit boards online.

Our Online Multilayer PCB Capabilities Include:

PCB Layers Available

Online PCBs can be quoted up to 16 layers! Any layer count greater than 16 would require a custom quote.

Multi-Layer Printed Circuit Boards

Circuit Board Dimensions

Our online PCB quoting tool allows a maximum board size of up to 16" x 22" and a minimum board size of 0.5" x 0.5".

PCB Laminate Types

We offer a variety of PCB laminates ranging from FR4 130Tg for lower heating temperatures up to FR4 180Tg for higher temperatures. Also offered are Polyimide, Taconic, Rogers and Nelco material types.


Our circuit board thickness capabilities range from 0.021" up to 0.125".

PCB Surface Finish Types

We offer various PCB finishes including HASL (Solder), ENIG, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Hard Gold, Entek/OSP, Unclad, Pb Free HASL, Selective Gold and ENEPIG.

Copper Weights

Inner copper weight capabilities range from 0.5oz up to 5oz with outer copper weight capabilities ranging from 1oz to 4oz.

Hole Size

Hole sizes can range from a minimum of .004” (.10 mm) and up to .01" (.250 mm).

Blind Via & Buried Via

Blind & buried vias are available upon request.

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