Flex Circuit Certifications

IPC Information

The following contains the IPC specifications that you can reference in regards to specific flexible materials, circuit design, performance, and assembly questions regarding flexible circuits.


  • IPC-6011
    Generic Performance Specifications for Printed Circuits
  • IPC-6012
    Qualification and Performance for Rigid Circuit Boards
  • IPC-6013
    Qualification and Performance for Flexible Circuits

Circuit Design

  • IPC-FC-2221
    Generic Standard on Printed Circuit Board Design
  • IPC-FC-2222
    Rigid Circuit Boards
  • IPC-FC-2223
    Flexible Circuits

Flexible Materials

  • IPC-4202
    Flexible Base Dielectrics
  • IPC-4203
    Adhesive Coated Dielectric Films
  • IPC-4204
    Flexible Metal-Clad Dielectrics

Circuits & Assembly (Quality Guidelines)

  • IPC-A-600
    Acceptability of Printed Boards
  • IPC-A-610
    Acceptability of Printed Board Assemblies
  • IPC/EIA J-STD001
    Requirements for Soldered Electrical & Electronic Assemblies


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