Rework Services

Rework Services for Electronics

At our Corporate Headquarters, located in New Bedford, MA we have the capabilities to perform rework services on printed circuit boards and our other engineered products we offer.

Below are some of the rework services we can provide.

Printed Circuit Board Rework

Circuit Board - Drilling & Routing

  • Drill
  • Rout
  • Milling
  • Counter Bore
  • Counter Sink
  • Chamfer
  • V-Score

Circuit Board - Silkscreen & Masking

  • Silk Screening
  • Solder Masking
  • Peelable Solder Masking

Circuit Board - Lab Services

  • Board washing to meet strict Ionic contamination levels
  • Plating finish identification and thicknesses via FischerScope
  • Cross Sectioning
  • Solderability testing

Misc. Rework Services

  • Gold tab (edge plated fingers) re-plating of damaged gold contacts
  • Pem Nut installation
  • Flat Baking and Baking to remove moisture

We can also do machine work on populated boards, however these are special situations and need to be reviewed on a one by one basis. We possess the proper ESD work station equipment to handle and work with populated boards safely.

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