Epec Launches Customer Portal 2.0

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[February 09, 2018: New Bedford, MA] Epec Engineered Technologies, an industry leader in high reliability manufactured electronics, has recently announced a new version of their Customer Portal.

Epec's Customer Portal was originally released back in May of 2015 but Epec's customer service department was still hearing about issues of the usability of the site from their current customers. Epec's ERP administrator and marketing team were assigned to complete a much-needed design overhaul. Over a 3-month process they were able to rebuild the entire site from the ground up.

Epec Launches Customer Portal 2.0

"Through customer feedback we came to understand that our site wasn't the most user-friendly portal available, changing the front-end UI look and feel was a must to help our customers get the most benefit from using the portal", shared Keith Araujo, Director of Marketing at Epec.

From an accounting standpoint, Epec's customers can view open and paid invoices, pay invoices online, view credit memos, and apply credit to an open order, as well as running statements. Additional options in the customer portal allow customers to view/print packing slips or COC documents, review quote history, view open and past orders, and even expedite orders online.

Julie Das Neves, Customer Service Assistant Manager at Epec commented, "The ability to expedite your order online has been a huge help to many of our customers. Email can be cumbersome to manage urgent requirements like an expedite. By having customers submit these requests through our portal, we have been able to cut response time in half."

Putting the customer first is what Epec's entire company culture is built upon and being able to reach an Epec representative will always be available to help you with whatever you may need.

"In this day in age, our customers' needs are continually changing. With investment in cloud-based software and by having an online option as well as the traditional customer service model gives our customers the option to choose what works best for them", remarked Ed McMahon, CEO.

Throughout 2018 and beyond Epec will have one focus in mind, the customer.

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Over the past 70 years, the electronics manufacturing industry has changed dramatically as the industry continues to adapt to evolving demands and technology. Epec is at the forefront of innovation, with the expertise and agility to move at the speed of today’s businesses. At Epec, the customer comes first, and everything we do must be put through that filter. Whether it is developing e-commerce platforms to make it easier to work with us or creating a new product introduction (NPI) process that helps our customers get to market faster, we must focus on building the new. By doing that every day, and by always making the customer our top priority, we plan on being here for another 70 years and then some.

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