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[January 31, 2013: New Bedford, MA] InstantPCBQuote, Epec Engineered Technologies' quote and order tool, continues to push the bar for online custom build circuit boards. The online quoting app allows customers to quote custom printed circuit boards 24/7. Every quote is then saved to the user's profile, which can easily be viewed, compared, ordered, and re-ordered.

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InstantPCBQuote's newest feature allows users to order SMT stencils when placing online rigid PCB orders. Customers have the option of choosing framed, frameless, and prototype SMT stencils to fit their needs.

The SMT stencils are stainless steel and 100% laser cut, delivering improved aperture definition and superior dimensional tolerances for finer pitch apertures, down to 0.4mm (0.016") and on a 600mm x 600mm area. Epec also has the capabilities to cut features with an aperture of +/- 9 micron and a positional tolerance of +/- 12.5 micron.

Epec has been constantly improving their online quoting tools and as of last year, InstantPCBQuotes' online capabilities include 1 and 2 day quick turn orders and increased their PCB layer count up to 16 layers for online orders. Additionally, InstantFlexQuote was introduced in August 2012 to offer the same level of convenience and customizability to flex circuit customers.

"Our customer survey feedback has shown that our users believe our site is the most user-friendly in the industry," says Epec President, Kendall Paradise. "Our simple and effective system was developed to be very clean and clutter-free to enhance the user experience."

Every order placed online goes through state of the art engineering software that scans engineering data files to identify quality problems before fabrication in order to accurately manufacture error-free printed circuit boards without delay.

Learn more about ordering your circuit boards online with InstantPCBQuote. For more information on our online Flex Circuits visit InstantFLEXQuote.

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