Epec's 2010 Sales Awards

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Rich Gregorski: Salesman of the Year

This winner came to the Epec family like so many before; through acquisition. And, like many others found himself, being challenged to learn a new profession. Sales. Also like many others, he struggled for a time to find his way and his fit with Epec.

To say that this person has found their place would be an understatement. He has grown to become a person who clearly enjoys what he is doing, is tireless in doing what must be done to satisfy his customers. In fact, his drive and enthusiasm coupled with an ability to create very strong relationships with his customers has enabled him to create a territory basically from the ground up while maintaining very close ties with key customers he cultivated in his prior life. One such customer has become one of Epec's very largest customers. You would never suspect he had grown up in manufacturing although from the first meeting, you understood he was never at a loss for words. His background in boards is strong. He is a person who works to understand the products he sells and has set himself apart by how quickly he has taken to Engineered Products. He is working hard to become the "Battery King".

When he isn't building customer relationships he is building award winning cars. That attitude of doing it right has earned him this award. He has doubled his territory to just under $4Million in 2010 and he is just getting warmed up.

Join me in recognizing Rich Gregorski as Epec's Salesman of the Year!

Vincent McGee: Most Improved Salesperson

This award winner has been with Epec for just over two years.

He too came to Epec as an Operations Manager not a salesperson however, 3 minutes with this southern charmer makes you wonder how he never got involved selling earlier. He has faced and overcome many obstacles not only because of his personality but his absolute willingness to do what needed to be done. He accepted direction and his desire to learn helped him quickly develop his selling skills however; you can't sell anything if you can't find a customer which was a challenge right from the start first, because they never let him out of the factory at Volunteer Circuits and second because Bells, TN is not exactly an industrial hotbed of activity. This might have deterred a less committed person but his extraordinary work ethic and willingness to travel from Tn. to Arkansas and during this past year to Texas has enabled Vincent to triple a territory that was flat for 08 and 09 to over $2.2 million. He has developed many accounts but in particular has grown Creation Technologies from a minor account to the second largest account in the territory at $500,000.

His progression has been an example which we should all try to emulate.

It is with great pleasure that we recognize Vincent McGee as the most improved salesperson for 2010.

Allied Enterprises: Sales Representative of the Year

In many sales organizations where both direct sales people and reps are used, there is often some question as to the value "rep organizations can bring".

In fact, in most such cases, as in the case of Epec, before we had the direct sales team we have now, there were reps. Representatives get paid only when they succeed so the pressure to perform every day is unlike many people have ever experienced. The need to help a "principal" such as Epec develop quickly is mutually important. It is often a representative organization which helps a small company gain visibility in the marketplace and with significant customers which might not be possible on their own.

This recognition of the value of our representative partners is an important if not obvious, step that we are pleased to take in making this first annual Representative award.

The group to whom it is being presented has been associated with Epec for over 7 years. They are responsible for approximately 25% of Epec's sales and through their efforts we have our two largest customers.

They continue to expand their organization and also grow their revenue through a focused OEM effort on the right opportunities. It is with great deal of pleasure and appreciation I give the first Representative of the Year Award to Allied Enterprises.

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