Rubber Keypad Specialty Products

Laser Etched Keypads

Laser Etched Rubber Keypads

The legends are laser etched for precise lighting. The perfect way to illuminate the graphics or legends while the custom keypad remains on or off.

Plastic Keycaps and Keytrees

Plastic Keycaps and Keytrees

Plastic Keycaps with a conductive rubber keypad base. These can be molded in many shapes and contours to enhance appearance.

In-Mold Graphics

Keypads with In-Mold Graphics

Placed over silicone rubber keypad supports or mounted over metal domes. Available in any shape. In-Mold Graphics are used in cellular phone and other consumer and automotive products.

Dual Durometer Keypads

Dual Durometer Keypads

Hard durometer silicone rubber molded key tops to simulate plastic is a popular feature, used to avoid the cost of plastic molds in conductive rubber keypads.

Epoxy Keypads

Epoxy Keypads

Epoxy crown is applied to the key tops. Hard epoxy on custom keypads is a very popular way to have hard tops economically on most styles of silicone rubber keypads.

3D & Concave Key Tops

3D and Concave Key Tops

Keys appear more robust with rich 3D enhancements. Custom keypads with these features are becoming more popular with high end medical instrumentation.

Keypads with Very Bright Colors

Rubber Keypads with Very Bright Colors

These iMac color series are being used in toys and cellular phones. Any custom silicone keypad can use this technique.

Phosphorescent Keypads

Phosphorescent Rubber Keypads

Silicone Rubber keypads are impregnated with phosphorescent colors. These are useful in good and low light or dark environments.

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