Rigid-Flex Medical Care Communication Handheld Device


Epec was asked to help in the development of a new medical care communication system. The product was to use Apple iPod touch® technology in a portable medical device to streamline workflow in healthcare environments. Because the handheld device would be used to store patient charts and other sensitive information, the communication system needed to be unfailingly secure.

Neither the end customer, design house, nor contract manufacturer involved in the project had any experience with rigid-flex circuit design, so Epec was consulted for guidance on this component of the product.


Epec worked closely with the design team and contract manufacturer to develop the rigid-flex product design and ensure manufacturability. The design house worked with Epec to incorporate rigid-flex circuits into the handheld device that they had conceptualized. Epec provided expertise on the Gerber layout, material selection, specs, and manufacturing of the rigid-flex circuits. The contract manufacturer also collaborated with Epec to determine the best method of assembling the product.

Rigid-Flex Medical Care Communication Handheld Device

Epec utilized its in-house design capabilities for Gerber layout for the project (impedance controlled to maintain speed and integrity for high-speed signals), and also provided the complete materials and specifications package.


The end product was successfully introduced and passed all tests and qualifications. By incorporating rigid-flex circuit technology, the medical communication system is compact and portable for ease of use for health care staff.

Rigid-Flex Circuit Technology
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