Custom Battery Pack for a Portable X-Ray Machine


The challenge was to develop a lithium battery pack for a portable x-ray machine to replace a customer's current plug-in AC version with a DC battery model that could be mobile. The new model would provide the necessary power requirements with dimensional size limitations. The battery solution would also need to meet the targeted charging times and dimensionally fit within the customer's pre-developed enclosure size.


The first step was to provide the customer with working engineering samples to verify the concept. The customer needed to demonstrate their device at their trade show as a potential product launch. The samples were designed and produced in 6 weeks, met the trade show timeline, and the device was demonstrated with well-received interest.

We then proceeded to engage our plastic design team with the customer's team to create the internal design of their battery case. The battery case requirements were as follows:

  • Compatible with the battery pack
  • Incorporate interface and fuel gauging features
  • Pass all required transportation and safety testing

Custom Battery Pack for a Portable X-Ray Machine

This design and approval step was completed in 4 weeks, once again meeting the time line for the customer development. We then produced a 50 piece lot that was assembled and tested without issue. The UN38.3 regulatory testing was facilitated and the customer was provided additional samples for further pilot /field testing.


Common with most battery pack designs, at least one revision is required prior to the final design and regulatory submissions. With an understanding of the customer's objectives and timeline, our design team worked closely with the customer's engineering team to define the scope of work and minimize the need for design revisions.

We collaborated on the internal design of the enclosure to ensure it met all safety and regulatory requirements. We also designed the product labels for the customer. The regulatory testing was a success and production is underway exceeding the customer's expectations.

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