Cost Effective Cable Assembly That Meets Performance Criteria


A customer came to us asking if there was anything we could do to take cost out of the cable assembly, take some size out of the cable, and to make the assembly a bit more flexible. Based on our customer's requests we began looking into various options for a different Style to be used on the cable while still keeping the same temperature and voltage ratings.

One of the most overlooked areas of a cable assembly is the wire or cable that is used. For most applications there are options that should be explored from a cable standpoint that would be more cost effective and provide for a better more flexible assembly. At Epec, we employ the capability to work with our customers to make sure they are using the correct components for their application.


We were able to find a Style, UL 2733, which met all of the customer's needs and allowed us to manufacture the cable assembly with a 0.015” minimum thickness jacket. This UL Style also allowed us to maintain the other requirements that our customer demanded of the assembly as listed below.

Characteristic Style 2586 Style 2733
Operating temperature 105°C 105°C
Operating voltage 1 600 or 1,000 VAC 600 VAC
Min average wall allowed 2 0.030" 0.015"

1 The customer’s requirements were for a 600 VAC product.
2 The wall thickness can be based on the cable core diameter, in this case the 0.030 thickness reflects the wall needed for a cable of the diameter we were dealing with.

Cost Effective Cable Assembly That Meets Performance Criteria

By working with the customer and understanding their needs, we were able to resolve all of their concerns by offering them a cable that would now be smaller in diameter (reduced the jacket wall by 50%), slightly more flexible (the smaller wall allowed us to gain a more flexible cable), and be more cost effective (the reduction in the wall thickness allowed us to save the customer 50% on the cost of the jacket compound).


The above details just one application where our expertise was able to help a customer and yet still provide a cable assembly product that met their performance criteria. Epec Engineered Technologies has the ability to work with our customers to look at the various cable and connector options currently available and offer solutions that are both functionally the same and cost effective – with minimum and no tradeoffs needed to the assembly.

Cost Effective Cable Asseblies Manufactured to Your Design
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