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Flex Circuit Capabilities Description
Layers 1-4 Layers
Data We prefer 274X Extended Gerber format.
If your files are not in 274X, please send an Aperture file.
Board Spec IPC 6013 Class II Flex, IPC 6013 Class III Flex
Material Polyimide Flex, Rigid Flex High Tg
Material Thickness 0.001", 0.0005", 0.002"
Flex Thickness min 0.003" - max 0.016"
Arrays Allowed
Plating Method Pattern Plate, Selective Pad Plate
Surface Finishes ENIG, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, HASL, Hard Gold
Minimum Trace & Space 0.003"
Copper Weight Inner layer 0.25 oz - 2 oz
Outer layer 0.25 oz - 2 oz
Coverlay/Soldermask Type Polyimide, Flexible LPI, Polyimide/LPI
Coverlay/Soldermask Color Clear, Green, Other
Coverlay Thickness 0.001", 0.0005"
Silkscreen None, Top Only, Bottom Only, Both Sides
Silkscreen Color White, Yellow, Black, Multiple
Stiffeners Polyimide, FR-4, Polyimide & FR-4, Other
Tab Route Available
RoHS Compliant Available
Electrical Testing Electrical 100% Net-List testing.
  • Mandatory for flex circuit parts
Shipping Options FedEx and UPS
  • Either Pre-Pay or your account
Payment Terms Credit Card (Purchase Orders allowed only for customers who have set up terms)
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