Proud Supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project

Help Us Celebrate Independence Day by Helping Wounded Warriors

Proud Supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project

"Not all wounds from combat are visible. The war never really ends when you are home. Twenty Veterans commit suicide a day. That is unacceptable! It is important that Veterans have the support in place after getting out. It can be a dark lonely place. I am a Wounded Warrior Alumni member."

~ Antone Grace

Giving Back This July

Event Date: July 1st - 31st, 2018

At Epec Engineered Technologies we are passionate about giving back and supporting good causes. This July we have decided to celebrate the birth of our nation by honoring those that have given service and sacrifice to our country. We have selected the Wounded Warrior Project as our latest charitable giving endeavor.

The Wounded Warrior Project’s mission is to honor and empower wounded service members by offering 20 holistic programs to wounded service members and their caregivers completely free of charge.

During the month of July, we will donate 5% of sales from InstantPCBQuote to the Wounded Warrior Project. All you have to do is place an order online through InstantPCBQuote and we will do the rest.

We raised a total of...


Thank you all for your support.

Our Employees Who Have Served

  • Antone Grace - US Army Infantry

    Antone Grace

    US Army Infantry, SFC

  • Rich Gregorski - US Air Force

    Rich Gregorski

    US Air Force, Sergeant

  • Joe Cappello - US Army Reserve

    Joe Cappello

    US Army Reserve, Spec 4

  • Ogle Lowry - US Air Force

    Ogle Lowry

    US Air Force

Image Gallery

Here are a few images our veteran employees dug up during their active military time.

  • Epec Veteran Employees
  • Epec Veteran Employees
  • Epec Veteran Employees
  • Epec Veteran Employees
  • Epec Veteran Employees
  • Epec Veteran Employees
  • Epec Veteran Employees
  • Epec Veteran Employees
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