Executive Profiles

Edward McMahon


Photo of Edward McMahon

Ed is an entrepreneurial business leader who has been involved in building privately held and public companies. As CEO he successfully led Epec through the strategic consolidations of fifteen different companies in the engineered electronic products sector.

With extensive experience in operations, sales, finance, engineering, and M&A both domestically and in the Far East, Mr. McMahon has successfully positioned Epec as one of the fastest growing companies in the electronics industry.

He is an engineering graduate of Clarkson University and did his MBA graduate studies at Northeastern University in Boston. Prior to building Epec, Ed was Vice President of Heritage Environmental Services, LLC where he oversaw the acquisition and development of distressed and underutilized businesses throughout North America.

Prior to joining Heritage, he spent 6 years with Ashland Chemical Company, a division of Marathon/Ashland Petroleum, where he focused on the turnaround of non-performing locations within the company.

Kendall Paradise


Photo of Kendall Paradise

Kendall occupies a unique position in Epec in that she has grown up entirely in the Printed Circuit Board Industry. Kendall's family owned and operated Beaver Brook Circuits until its acquisition by Epec in 2002. Kendall graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2001 at which time she returned to the family business. Her primary focus was in Accounting which gave her an invaluable perspective on what it takes to successfully operate in such a competitive environment as this. In addition she successfully oversaw the creation and implementation of new Purchasing procedures which have come to form the basis for Epec's very effective Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management model so vital to Epec's continued success.

In addition, at the time of the acquisition of Beaver Brook by Epec, Kendall was asked to accept the assignment leading Customer Service. This experience, which brought her into direct contact with customers, has proven critical as Kendall continues to shape Epec operating plans aimed at meeting those customers' needs which Kendall came to understand during this time.

Her unique career perspective combined with her disposition to action and a commitment to continuous improvement bode well for Epec's continued growth.

Bryan Nolan

Vice President of Sales

Photo of Bryan Nolan

As Vice President of Sales, Bryan is responsible for managing the salesforce including Epec's outside sales team and building client relationships. His leadership skills and experience in the industry make him a proven team leader.

Bryan has over 30 years of experience in the PCB industry. Starting at Cuplex, Bryan helped grow the company from $15 million to over $70 million and served as Vice President of Manufacturing. Under his direction, the company built and installed a PCB facility in Mexico. Cuplex was eventually sold to Dynamic Details (now DDI). Bryan has also helped set up a supply chain in Asia as Director of Operations at Global Innovations, growing the company from $12 million to almost $40 million.

Bryan's most recent position was President and CEO of Waytec Electronics. When Waytec was acquired by Epec, Bryan brought his supply chain management experience with him and is a valuable member of Epec.

Bryan has taken SPC classes at Southern Methodist University, is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt, and passed the Dale Carnegie.

Marc Leclair

Vice President of Operations

Photo of Marc Leclair

Marc Leclair has spent 15 years working with both start-ups and industry leaders. Marc specializes in new product operations, strategic development, and leader performance initiatives. He is also well versed in corporate transition, six sigma project management, lean operations, and workforce development.

Mr. Leclair has substantial experience and knowledge which will leverage Epec's operational practices. The main focus and where he will thrive is the continuation in driving operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

He earned his Master of Science Degree in Quality Assurance from California State University, in part by conducting research on quality assurance methods and their effects on profitability. Marc has also earned a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Marc is an active member in American Society for Quality (ASQ), where he's held many leadership roles such as section chair and web master. In Charlotte NC, he founded the section's Community Outreach program, which provides pro bono services to help non-profit organizations streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve their product and service quality. He's also served as a public speaker and a teacher, presenting on various topics like Cost of Quality and Quality Engineering.

Anton Beck

Battery Product Manager

Photo of Anton Beck

Anton came to Epec with over 25 years of electronics manufacturing experience.

His background includes all manufacturing processes from design to fabrication. Anton has been with Epec over the past 12 years focused on developing our Battery Design and Manufacturing infrastructure, to continually improve our value added supply chain organization.

Anton's responsibilities include overseeing our design team, product/prototype development, tooling and test processes, regulatory/approval management and sub-component supply chain to ensure Epec's world class standards to our customers are maintained.

Over the past 5 years, Anton has overseen hundreds of custom battery pack design projects which include everything from primary and secondary chemistries to include, alkaline, NiMH, NiCd, primary lithium, and the latest lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries. He has extensive experience with medical devices, UL/CE, UN DOT, and military power electronics applications.

Paul Tome

Product Manager Flex & Rigid Flex

Photo of Paul Tome

As Product Manager of Flex & Rigid-Flex Circuits, Paul oversees our entire flex & rigid-flex product line. Though Paul's main responsibility is customer technical support, he is involved in each project from the beginning conceptual stages to delivery. He works directly with customers on their specific design requirements and makes sure that each product is designed correctly, troubleshooting any issues that may arise in the process.

Paul came to Epec with 24 years of a great variety of experience in the electronics industry. He has been involved in all aspects of the industry including sales, engineering, and manufacturing. He has worked with PCBs and equipment manufacturing and has also been the owner of an engineering service and trust bureau.

Previously, he was president at Advanced Circuit Services. Paul's experience and expertise make him an indispensable part of Epec's team.

Paul holds a mechanical engineering degree from Seneca College.

Brian Morissette

Cable Assembly Product Manager

Photo of Brian Morissette

Brian Morissette has over 32 years of experience working in the electronics/manufacturing industry and is Epec's Cable Assembly Product Manager. Brian directs and assists in sales for cable assembly opportunities, working directly with customers to recommend the appropriate cable specifications for their applications. He oversees the design and manufacturing of cable assemblies, working out any issues to ensure quality service and products to our customers.

Prior to Epec, Brian held positions in both the business development and manufacturing areas. His most recent position was manager of product marketing, and he has also held various positions on the sales and manufacturing side of operations working for TE Connectivity, AMP, and Madison Cable.

Brian holds an MBA from Nichols College.

Chris Perry

Quality Manager

Photo of Chris Perry

Chris has been with Epec 11 years, including 8 years manufacturing experience within a quality control role and 2 years in the front end planning department.

As a lab technician, Chris analyzed and maintained chemical processes within bare board manufacturing, while aiding with overall quality in all departments. He also monitored and maintained the company wastewater facility to comply with local environmental agencies.

As Epec has grown, Chris has continued to accept new responsibilities within the company. Chris has also held the role of PCB planning, where he learned the entire process, through customer delivery.

Chris has been certified through Addstan Management Systems as an ISO 9001:2000 Internal Auditor, and most recently received IPC-A-600 Certified IPC Specialist from Eptac Corporation.

Chris received his A.S. degree in Environmental Science at Bristol College, was certified as Class III Industrial Wastewater operator, and also was certified as an emergency response operator.

Wellong Yu

Asian Operations Manager

Photo of Wellong Yu

Wellong has over fifteen years experience growing PCB Operations in China and is known for his open minded, collaborative, hard working, and passionate approach to business. Since joining Epec, Wellong has successfully led the growth of Epec's Asian Operations, with a dedicated focus on enhancing quality and on-time delivery.

Before Wellong Joined Epec, he was a manager at EPC, one of China's larger PCB manufacturers. At EPC he led the production planning, scheduling, and logistics for several manufacturing plants. Prior to being recruited by EPC, Wellong worked at Wong's Circuit Company, where he was promoted from Production Supervision to Material Control Manager.

Wellong is a graduate of South China Science & Technology University on 1989, where he received a bachelor's degree in Industrial Automatic Controls.

Al Wright

PCB Field Applications Engineer

Photo of Al Wright

Al has been in the industry for over 35 years and has been with Epec for more than15 years. As field application engineer, he handles a wide range of responsibilities including reviewing PCB designs for manufacturability during the quoting and design stage, interacting with off-site manufacturing facilities to solve technical issues during production, and programming CNC machines for in-house projects, reworks, and modifications. Al's technical expertise is essential to Epec's engineering department and provides valuable insight when working with customers.

Previous to working at Epec, Al spent 20 years with CPC Incorporated, a medium-sized PCB manufacturer, learning hands-on about PCB processing before moving into front end engineering. Al brings impressive expertise to Epec and has worked with over 50,000 different PCB designs from his start in 1981 to the present day. He works with Epec's team to get all designs right ahead of time so that products will be correct the first time.

Julie das Neves

Customer Service Assistant Manager

Photo of Julie das Neves

Julie has been in the manufacturing industry for 18 years, and has been a valuable team member at Epec for 11 years. As Epec's Customer Service Assistant Manager, Julie directs communications within the customer service department to ensure proper decision making in interactions with customers. She works closely with customers and the planning and logistics department on pricing, order entries, and quality issue resolution. She also trains the customer service team on proper procedures for quoting, order entries, and CAM software.

Julie previously held positions in the inventory control and accounts payable/receivable departments while at Velvet Drive Transmissions, a company specializing in marine and industrial transmissions.

Julie is an alum of the Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School, where she studied data processing and graduated with high honors.

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