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What causes pad lifting on printed circuit boards?

If the pads are not sitting correctly or are lifted, it can cause the connection between the PCB and the component to fail.

Lifted pad occurred during handling, right after wave soldering

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Common PCB Fabrication Problems: Plating Voids

Plating voids in plated through holes happen when, during the deposition process, copper is not coated evenly, preventing proper plating.

Copper voids on the inside of a plated through hole

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Surface Finishes: Why do I need to know more?

The printed circuit board surface finish forms a critical interface between the component to be assembled and the bare PCB.

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Wave Soldering Defects

Wave soldering is a large-scale soldering process by which electronic components are soldered to a printed circuit board (PCB) to form an electronic assembly.

Printed Circuit Board Wave Soldering Defects

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Controlled Impedance: Why do I need to know more?

Every circuit on a PCB has impedance. The goal is to control the impedance.

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Epec's recommended V-Cut

Below is a diagram which describes the recommended dimensions for V-Cut.

Epec recommended V-Cut for Printed Circuit Boards

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The following document was designed to answer some of the more common questions surrounding RoHS. However, if, after reading, you still have questions, please contact one of the knowledgeable members of our Engineering Team.

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RoHS Compliant Product Manufacturer

Minimum PCB Data/Information Requirements to Place Order

The purpose of this document is to describe the minimum data and information required by Epec Engineering to generate the tooling.

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Staining of Solder Mask

Learn some of the issues surrounding Solder Mask Staining as well as some of the causes and remedies.

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  • Staining of Solder Mask
  • Staining of Solder Mask
  • Staining of Solder Mask
  • Staining of Solder Mask
  • Staining of Solder Mask

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Our History

As the oldest production Printed Circuit Board Company in North America, perhaps in the world, the 60-year plus story of Epec is connected to the development of the PCB and the electronics industry.

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  • Epec Founded in 1952
  • IPC Founded in 1957
  • Epec Builds PCB for Apollo 11