Cable Assembly Guidelines for Quoting

Below you will find a brief guideline of the key factors that are needed for us to quote your custom cable assembly. In the world of build to print electronics, not every cable assembly is manufactured with the same specifications for every application, so there is a good chance more advanced details need to be finalized before manufacturing can begin.

A drawing file is a plus, but it is not always available. Providing us with the information/specifications listed below is a good beginning to get your cable assembly quote started.


  • The size of the conductor
  • The type of stranding
  • Any plating on the conductor needs to be detailed


  • UL Style of insulated primary conductor
  • Voltage and temperature rating that the assembly will need to meet
  • Colors of the primary wires, if critical


  • Type and amount of shielding that needs to be applied to the assembly
Cable Assembly Guidelines for Quoting


  • UL Style of the cable
  • Outer sheath material
  • Color of the outer jacket/sheath
  • Temperature and voltage rating of the finished cable
  • Any specific labels or printing that is needed


  • Connector type and gender
  • Orientation of the connector


  • Overmold/strain relief dimensions
  • Color of the mold material
  • Type of the mold material


  • Pinouts need to be stated


  • Length of assembly
  • Where length is measured from and to
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