System Output Power

Custom circuitry can be added to your battery pack to make it behave more like a power supply or UPS system rather than a typical battery. These type of battery pack power systems are useful in applications that:

  • Need instant UPS power in the event of input power failure.
  • Need more power than can be provide by the input power source.
  • Are Sensitive to power fluctuations.

How Does It Work?

A typical typology of a battery that offers system power that is derived from either the input power source or the battery is defined in the diagram below. It shows a typical arrangement capable of providing power from an external source to the system power input while charging the battery if needed.

In the event input power fails, system power receives energy from the battery via the ideal diode shown in blue.

Diagram Depicting Battery System Output Power
Diagram Depicting Battery System Output Power

If a high power demand accrues that is greater than the capability of the input power supply, the input current limit resistor shown in red above can be sized to allow supplemental power to be supplied by the battery. This is convenient when occasional surges are expected, but do are not sufficient enough or long enough to justify a larger input power source.

Output regulators can also be added to provide a regulated output power source. Adding this type of capability varies with every system due to the number of power variables and operating environments.

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